Katherine Zodrow

Ph.D. Candidate, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Yale University
M.Phil. and M.S. in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Yale University, 2012
M.S. in Environmental Engineering, Rice University, 2009
B.S.C.E. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rice University, 2008

Email: katherine.zodrow@yale.edu

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Katherine R. Zodrow performs research at the intersection of engineering, biology, and materials science with the goal of developing environmentally conscious solutions to energy, water scarcity, and climate change using polymeric membranes. Her current research concerns microbial biofilms that grow on water treatment membranes. These types of membranes can be used directly for energy generation (for example, pressure retarded osmosis) or may be used to treat the wastewater generated by the oil and gas industry. These systems also purify drinking water and municipal wastewater and desalinate seawater and brackish groundwater. She has worked to characterize the biofilms that form on the membrane surface and determine how they affect the engineered process. She has also developed novel methods for preventing biofilm formation on membrane surfaces, including biodegradable particles that can encapsulate and slow-release anti-biofilm compounds. This, combined with her previous work at Rice University with Professors Pedro Álvarez and Qilin Li on nanomaterial applications and implications, has provided her with a unique perspective on human interactions with the environment.

Selected Accomplishments

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
Yale Scientific Teaching Fellow
American Chemical Society Graduate Student Award in Environmental Chemistry
Contributing Writer, Materials Research Society, Education and Outreach Webpage
Texas Association of Environmental Professionals Scholarship
Rice Engineering Alumni Senior Merit Award


pdfs and supporting information available on the main publications page.
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