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Internal Communications

Effective internal communications create an environment where staff members are engaged in the process, offer ideas that increase customer satisfaction, improve work processes as well as individual performance and experience a greater level of job satisfaction.

We support employee engagement, foster stakeholder feedback, and provide information and avenues for dialogue that energize and enable all levels of staff to work effectively to achieve the strategic goals of the University. 

Contact Your Internal Communications Laision
Each HR unit has a designated internal communication liaison to assist in developing internal communication plans, web and messaging for announcements and various projects.

HR Internal Communications produces the following:

HR Internal Communications supports two-way communication through a variety of events where staff interact with each other and University leaders. We conduct three annual events where staff are recognized for their contributions and service to the University.

Departments that are interested in increasing two-way communication within their units or seeking guidance on developing an effective communication plan to support a strategic effort may contact HR Internal Communications at 432-2014.

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