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Lake Balkash Lake Issykul Takla Makan Sasykkol Alakol Ebinur Hu Borohoro Shan Tian Shan Ferghana Valley Qapshaghay Bogeni Bishkek Almaty Altaj Kasachstan Steppe



Shaded relief map of the
Balkash Basin

Watershed and country boundaries. The watershed, as displayed, has a number of internal basins that do not discharge into the Aral Sea.

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Mean Annual Total Precipitation

Mean annual precipitation, calculated from years 1994-2004, using daily station data from the GCOS Surface Network (GSN).




Classes of 10-Day Mean Annual Temperature

Unsupervised classification of the mean "10-day Temperature". The mean was calculated from years 1994-2004. 10-day gridded mean temperature layers (1km resolution) were aggregated and interpolated using daily station data from the GCOS Surface Network (GSN). The chosen number of classes is ten.




Trends in green biomass (NDVI)

The interpretation of green biomass trends needs to be done with care. An increasing or decreasing trend can have manifold causes and may indicate both improvement or deterioration. 



From the drop down boxes below maps can be displayed showing trends in annual total green biomass production (accumulated NDVI) or in annual green biomass maximum (maximum NDVI). Trends were calculated for various periods between 1982 and 2004.

Positive trends


Negative trends