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A tragedie called Oedipus: An Elizabethan Manuscript Re-Discovered

Sponsored by the Elizabethan Club and
the Whitney Humanities Center
Whitney Humanities Center, Room 208
Friday September 30, 2011

A conference exploring the historical, bibliographical, literary, theatrical, and musical aspects of the little-known Elizabethan theatrical manuscript, A tragedie called Oedipus, acquired in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Elizabethan Club at Yale. Speakers include Martin Wiggins (Shakespeare Institute), Richard Tuck (Harvard University), Keith Wrightson (Yale University), John O'Mara (Maggs Brothers, London), Sarah Knight (University of Leicester), Tanya Pollard (Brookyn College), Emily Wilson (University of Pennsylvania), Leslie Thomson (University of Toronto), and Judith Malafronte (Yale University). The conference will also include a performance of scenes and music from the manuscript.

10:00 Coffee
10:30-12:00 Martin Wiggins (Shakespeare Institute)
"The Schoolboys' Oedipus"

Richard Tuck (Department of Government, Harvard University)
"The Date and Venue of A tragedie called Oedipus"

Keith Wrightson (Department of History, Yale University)
"Eye(s) of the North: Newcastle (and Berwick) c.1600"
1:30-3:00 John O'Mara (Maggs Brothers, London)
"The Journey of Oedipus to a 'Medieval' Antiquary: The Provenance of the Manuscript"

Sarah Knight (Department of English, University of Leicester)
"'Boying Greatness': Adolescence and Performance in Early Modern School Drama"

Emily Wilson (Department of Classics, University of Pennsylvania)
"Seneca's Oedipus"
3:15-4:45 Tanya Pollard (Department of English, Brooklyn College)
"Classical Genres and English Classrooms"

Leslie Thomson (Department of English and Drama, University of Toronto, Mississauga)
"Stage Directions and Staging in A tragedie called Oedipus"

Judith Malafronte (Institute of Sacred Music, Yale University)\
"'My little swete babie': The Song in Oedipus"
5:00-5:20 Scenes from A tragedie called Oedipus
Performed by students from the Yale School of Drama
5:30-6:30 Wine Reception