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About the Club

“The object of this club shall be the promotion among its members and in the community of a larger appreciation of literature and the arts and of social intercourse founded upon such appreciation.” The Elizabethan Club Constitution

Founded in 1911, by Alexander Smith Cochran, Yale Class of 1896, the Elizabethan Club of Yale University is a private club that maintains a library and serves as a meeting place for conversation and discussion relating to literature and the arts.

The Elizabethan Club is located near the center of the Yale University campus in an early nineteenth-century house that was part of the founder’s original gift. At the clubhouse, the members enjoy tea every afternoon during Yale University’s Fall and Spring terms.

Membership in the Elizabethan Club, by invitation only, includes undergraduates, graduate students, Yale University faculty and staff.

The Club’s emblem is a falcon, as found on Queen Elizabeth’s badge.


On occasion, the Club finds itself with funds at its disposal above and beyond those expended. The Incorporators have voted to use these surplus funds to benefit several organizations whose purposes accord with that stated in the Club’s constitution.

The Club does not make grants on an annually renewable basis, nor does it entertain applications for support. The intent of the Incorporators is to assist a number of worthy and appropriate causes, when and as the Club’s financial state permits, varying the recipients from year to year.