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Julia Hsieh

Julia is a 6th year Ph.D. Candidate in Egyptology, with a background in ancient history, anthropology and archaeology (M.A. University of Auckland), and biological sciences (B.Sc. University of Auckland).

JuliaJulia’s dissertation analyzes the Letters to the Dead, focusing on evolving grammatical constructions, lexicography, and idiomatic expressions in Middle Egyptian, and state versus private religious beliefs as reflected in the textual and archaeological evidence. Her other current topics of research include the theory of independent cattle domestication in Egypt analyzed through combining archaeological data and modern genetic analyses; methods of ceramic repair in ancient Egypt, and the anthropological implications and cultural parallels of this practice; and the administration of late Middle Kingdom Kharga Oasis as evidenced through seal impressions and potmarks on bread moulds from the site of Umm Mawagir. Julia is experienced in fieldwork in Egypt, having worked at the sites of Umm Mawagir and Mo’alla, and has taught (as instructor and teaching assistant) a range of courses since 2003. She is also an artist specializing in two and three dimensional technical drawings of ceramics and object finds, epigraphy, and paleography.

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Art Portfolio — a selection of ceramic, object, and lithic drawings

  • In the following published works
  • A. Spalinger, The Great Dedicatory Inscription of Ramesses II:
    A Solar-Osirian Tractate at Abydos
    , (Boston, 2008).
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  • Yale Egyptological Institute website
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  • C. Manassa, Preliminary Report for the 2008–2009 Season of the Mo’alla Survey Project, JARCE 45 (2009), pp. 57–77.
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  • Ceramic drawings
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  • Object drawings
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  • Lithic drawings
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  • Please do not hesitate to contact Julia (julia.hsieh@yale.edu)
    should you require an archaeological artist.


  • Discussions on the Daybook Style and the Formulae of Malediction and Benediction
    Stemming from Five Middle Kingdom Rock-Cut Stelae from Gebel el–Girgawi
    in Zeitschrift für ägyptische Sprache und Altertumskunde 139 (2012), pp. 108–127.
  • The Practice of Repairing Ceramics in Ancient Egypt: Anthropological
    Implications and Cultural Parallels. (in preparation)
  • Where is the City of Eternity? (submitted to the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology)
  • Independent Domestication of Cattle in Egypt, in Apprivoiser le sauvage — Taming the Wild: Glimpses on the Animal World in Ancient Egypt. Les Cahiers Égypte Nilotique et Méditérranéenne (in preparation, 2013)

Book Chapters

  • Analysis of Seal Impressions and Pot-marks on Bread Moulds from the Second Intermediate Period Site of Umm Mawagir in Kharga Oasis, Theban Desert Road Survey (in preparation)


  • Independent Domestication of Cattle in Egypt? An Evaluation of the Theory
    Presented by Wendorf and Schild and a Proposal to Answer the Question

    VDM Publishing House. (in preparation)

Edited Books

  • Proceedings of the Conference Double Stories Double Lives: Reflecting on
    Textual Objects in the Pre–Print World
    , 13–15 April 2012, Yale University, Gorgias Press.
    (in preparation)