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Peabody fall poster Peabody poster
Nacal poster

41st Annual North American Conference on Afroasiatic Linguistics
February 16-17, 2013,
Hall of Graduate Studies 211

Gabolde poster

Tutankhamun's Last Mysteries
Marc Gabolde
Université Paul Valéry - Montpellier III
February 1, 2013
Hall of Graduate Studies 211

Brock poster

Merneptah Sarcophagi Restoration Project
Edwin Brock, Departmental Associate, Department of World Cultures
Royal Ontario Museum
Friday, November 9, 12–1pm
HGS 401

Huyge poster

Aurochs and Venuses:
‘Ice Age’ Art along the Nile

Dirk Huyge, Curator Prehistoric and Early Dynastic Egypt
Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels, Belgium
Wednesday, October 31, 6-7pm
HGS 211

Loeben poster

Past-Present-Future and Current Egyptological Research
Dr. Christian E. Loeben, Egyptologist
The Egyptian Collection of the "Museum August Kestner" in Hanover:
Wednesday, October 3, 6-7pm
HGS 211

Spalinger poster

The Egyptian Cultural Heritage and the Egyptian Revolution
Dr. Mohamed Ismail Khaled
Ministry of State for Antiquities, Egypt
Thursday, April 12
Luce Hall 203

Spalinger poster

It is All About Time: Time and Logistics in War and in Peace.
Anthony Spalinger
University of Auckland
Friday, January 27th, 12-1 pm
HGS 217 B

Leprohon poster

The Royal Titulary in the 18th Dynasty:
Change and Continuity.

Ronald Leprohon
University of Toronto
Friday, October 29th, 12 pm
Hall of Graduate Studies, 217 A

Gatto poster

From the First Cow to the First State: Pastoralism and Social Complexity in Nubia.
Maria Carmela Gatto
Yale University
Friday, September 24th, 12-1 pm
Hall of Graduate Studies, 217 A

Castle poster

The Treasury of Thutmose I, Money, and the Distribution of Divine Offerings.
Edward Castle
Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago
Friday, February 12th, 12-1 pm
Hall of Graduate Studies, 217 A

Wilkinson poster

The Exercise of Power in Early Dynastic Egypt.
Toby Wilkinson
Clare College, Cambridge
Friday, October 2, 1–2 pm
Hall of Graduate Studies,
Room 401

Andelkovic poster

Hegemony for Beginners: Egyptian Activity in the Southern Levant during the Second Half of the Fourth Millennium B.C.
Asst. Prof. of Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Belgrade
Friday, September 11, 12–1pm
Sterling Memorial Library Lecture Hall.

Rambova poster

Natasha Rambova's Egypt
Presentation by John Coleman Darnell
Friday, April 17, 2:30–4:30, Sterling Memorial Library Lecture Hall.

Shaw poster

Khafre's Quarries in the Sahara: The Gebel el-Asr Rescue Project
Ian Shaw
Senior Lecturer in Egyptian Archaeology, University of Liverpool

Hendrickx poster

Visual Representation and State Formation in Ancient Egypt
Stan Hendrickx
Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg, Hasselt, Belgium
Friday, November 14
12-1pm in HGS 401

Bryan poster

The Festivals of Drunkenness in the Egyptian New Kingdom
Betsy M. Bryan
Alexander Badawy Professor of Egyptian Art and Archeology
Friday, October 3
12-1pm in HGS 211

Schultz poster

Khepereru: Ancient Egyptian Scarabs
Regine Schultz
Curator of Ancient Art, The Walters Art Museum
Friday, September 26
12-1pm in HGS 401

Müller poster

New Kingdom Grand Strategy in the Northern Kingdom
Marcus Müller
Potsdam University
Thursday, May 1st
11:30-12:30 in HGS 401
ies, Room 401

Bolman poster

The Art of Late Antique Monasticism: Paintings and Buildings in the Red and White Monasteries
Prof. Elizabeth Bolman
Temple University
Friday, April 18th
11:30-12:30 in HGS 211

Ullmann poster

The Temple of Amunhotep III at Wadi es-Sebua
Martina Ullmann
Institut für Ägyptologie, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Wednesday, April 2nd
1-2 in HGS 401

Parcak poster

The eastern Egyptian Delta across time and space: from satelllite survey to excavation at a Late Period town (Tell Tebilla)
Drs. Sarah Parcak and Gregory Mumford
University of Alabama, Birmingham
Friday, October 26th
1:30-2:30 in HGS 401