Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located

We have offices in New Haven and Stamford, CT.

What does a typical comprehensive assessment cost?

A comprehensive assessment package is $5,500. This cost includes all of the services and activities that are involved in the comprehensive diagnostic and treatment planning process. It includes the initial and final meetings, all diagnostic sessions performed by the multidisciplinary team, consultations among team members, report preparation, travel, a school visit (if needed) and attendance at PPT or other meetings (if needed). In our experience, the average time required to finalize each case is approximately 30 hours. Viewed this way, our services cost less than $200 per hour. We, however, also offer abbreviated assessments depending on clients' needs.

Can I get just an IQ test or just an achievement test?

In certain circumstances our clinicians are willing to conduct limited assessments (e.g., for program eligibility).

Do you offer academic intervention/educational therapy services work?

We do not currently offer intervention services. Feel free to check with us to see if we will offer these services in the future.

What is the cost for academic intervention services?

Package prices are generally available for specific intensive programs. Please contact us for details.

Is financial aid available?

Yes! Financial aid is available based on need.

Are payment plans available?

Yes. All of our billing is through the Yale Medical Group and you may set up a payment plan that meets your needs. The Yale Medical Group will ask you to commit to an amount you are able to pay monthly, and with this commitment, the assessment or intervention can be carried out before final payment is received.

Does insurance cover the costs?

Although we do not take insurance, we are happy to provide you with the documentation to submit your own requests to your insurance company. Many families get reimbursed for their expenses. You may want to check with your insurance company before beginning the assessment, as they may want pre-approval.

Do you provide assessments for testing accommodations on the SAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, or other standardized tests?

Yes, we provide assessment for testing accommodations and we are knowledgeable on what assessments are required to obtain eligibility for testing accommodations on standardized tests. Package prices are available for this type of assessment.

When do appointments get scheduled?

We try to work with families and students to schedule meetings to ensure a student's best performance. For younger children, morning appointments are usually best, while adolescents often perform better in the afternoons. Appointment lengths are usually around 2 hours, but can be shorter for students who are not able to sustain their best effort for that length of time.

Will you visit the school, observe in the classroom, talk to teachers, and/or go to PPT meetings?

Yes, in order to best understand a student's learning, we often obtain input from teachers and observe in the classroom with parent/guardian consent. At a parent/guardian's request, we will also attend PPT meetings.

My child has an IEP, but doesn't seem to be improving. How can you help?

Following an assessment, we provide specific recommendations and work with families and schools to prepare IEP goals and objectives, recommend progress monitoring methods, instructional strategies and/or programs, and make recommendations regarding any needed accommodations. We also provide short follow-up assessments after school-based interventions have taken place, and provide updated recommendations accordingly.

Do you assess preschoolers?

We assess preschoolers when the goal of the assessment is specifically to determine a child's abilities as they apply to academic situations. For example, we assess preschoolers who are at risk for difficulties starting kindergarten, for preschoolers who are having difficulty in their preschool classrooms, for preschoolers whose parents/guardians or school systems would like to determine kindergarten readiness, and for preschoolers who are demonstrating advanced skills and learning abilities and may need enriched services in kindergarten.

Do you assess young adults?

We assess adults who are enrolled in or who would like to enroll in an academic program such as community college, university, or a vocational training program. We specifically address academic needs.

Do you assess individuals whose needs are specifically behavioral or psychiatric?

We do assess behavior and social-emotional status as it applies to the ability to succeed in an academic setting. We make recommendations regarding behavior and social-emotional functioning specifically to address difficulties within academic settings. We do not assess individuals whose primary needs are behavioral or psychiatric, and we do not have an M.D. on staff to prescribe medication, although, we have psychiatrists to whom we make referrals.

To whom do you refer clients?

Often we assess individuals with complex needs that extend beyond our services. We have an extensive network of social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, behavioral pediatricians, speech and language therapists, tutors/interventionists, and programs targeted for specific needs (e.g., social skills). We make referrals to these specialists when we feel it would benefit the individuals we assess.