Research Exchange Database

We are currently involved in the development of a new database designed to allow secure and efficient information storage, management, and retrieval between collaborating research teams. The Research Exchange Database (RED) structure and interface is still in production by Prometheus Research, it is being built with the flexibility to accommodate several different datasets and the rigidity to adhere to strict HIPAA compliance. RED has the ability to grant access to specific data at several levels. It controls the information available to each user and only displays records that are necessary for a particular task. The system has safe guards to prevent erroneous data entry, and can perform complex queries using any data field. RED has the ability to exchange data within our lab network, and prevent the need to enter redundant data into several locations. We are able to quickly access any information which increasing our ability to manage studies, projects, and individual samples. Currently we are working on importing our data and giving feedback to make RED user-friendly to all of our technical needs.

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