Yale University

Living in New Haven

"New Haven is community: seeing my students on the street, walking by friends at sidewalk cafes, knowing who runs things and having access to them; delicious ethnic food; accessible to bike-riding, apple-picking, hiking and beaches within 20 minutes... positively surprising!"

Michelle Shortsleeve, Class of 2010

"New Haven is a unique experience. In terms of size, it's fairly small. But the city, along with Yale, offer as many cultural and intellectual opportunities as many bigger, more well-known cities. It's big enough to have almost everything you might want or need, but small enough to hold character and heart."

Sam Rauch, Class of 2011


Follow the links below to learn more about New Haven's various neighborhoods, initiatives, people and programs.

Pass It On: New Haven's Neighborhoods through Young People's Eyes: "Some of us have lived here our whole lives, while some of us have just arrived. But for all of us, New Haven is home. This site is a guide to New Haven's neighborhoods."

New Haven Independent: "New Haven. Its neighborhoods. Its government. Its people - from the knuckleheads to the dreamers and schemers, and everyone in between."

Office of New Haven and State Affairs: Living in New Haven: A window into New Haven's culture, community and residential areas, and services, from the Yale Office of New Haven and State Affairs.

City of New Haven: Information for residents.

Craigslist: New Haven's own.

Graduate Housing: Information on Yale graduate dorms/ apartments and off-campus housing.

LEAP is an academic and social enrichment program for children and youth, ages 7 to 23, in New Haven that aims to develop the strengths and talents of young leaders to achieve positive academic and social outcomes for children living in high poverty urban neighborhoods.


Junta for Progressive Action, Inc.: JUNTA's mission is to "provide services, programs and advocacy that improve the social, political and economic conditions of the Latino community in Greater New Haven, while nurturing and promoting its cultural traditions as it builds bridges with other communities."

Hill Development Corporation of New Haven: "A non-profit organization dedicated to bringing economic progress and improved quality of life to Inner City neighborhoods of New Haven County."

Fair Haven Community Health Center: "The Fair Haven Community Health Center is a not-for-profit primary health care organization that has been dedicated to serving the greater Fair Haven Community since 1971.  We provide comprehensive health care – from prenatal to pediatric, adolescent to adult and geriatric." 

Empower New Haven: Empower’s mission is to "facilitate or create processes and practices that provide sustainable measurable improvements in the economic status and quality of life of individuals, families, and businesses within the Empowerment Zone (EZ) community."

CitySeed: Engaging and Connecting Communities Through Food! Five weekly farmers' markets throughout New Haven's neighborhoods with the vision to "create a sustainable model of local economy, urban community, regional agriculture, environmental stewardship, and well-being through food."


Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy: Dedicated to improving the well-being of children and families by bringing objective child development research into the policy and public arenas.


Comer School Development Program: Committed to the total development of all children by creating learning environments that support children's physical, cognitive, psychological, language, social, and ethical development.

Youth Rights Media: A New Haven-based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering youth to know, protect and advance their rights by engaging young people in video media production and community organizing.