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Now is the time. This spring begins the enrollment time for sophomores who are interested in teaching after graduation. The Teacher Preparation & Education Studies Program is designed to complement your major and give you a number of different options when you graduate. There are three Teacher Preparation tracks: Full program completion of the early childhood or secondary school track results in a public school teaching license. The Elementary Explorations track helps to prepare you for private school teaching or selecting a well match post graduate program. Our new Education Studies program offers a thought-provoking foundation for those interested in pursuing education policy or administration, or doing nonprofit work with kids.

Enrollment takes place in early April. To get involved, call 432-4631 to make an appointment to meet with Teacher Prep Director Jack Gillette, or ask to get in touch with one of our alums.

Graduate with a certificate to teach in a public school,
or with the preparation needed to teach in a private school.

Teacher Prep is a program of five or six courses that examine the how's and why's of education in America - from the beginnings of experiments in public schooling to the issues facing education in today's multicultural society. Throughout the Teacher Prep Program you will examine the assumptions and beliefs that you have - and may not know you have - about "good education". You will formulate your own philosophy of education and vision for what schooling can become. You will visit schools that illustrate economic and racial stratification in schooling and grapple with what this means for the future of America. And you will come to know your chosen academic discipline more deeply as you work to answer questions about the meaning of your discipline - What are its big ideas? What does it mean to "think like a"...scientist, musician, historian, mathematician? Why is it important, and how can you make it important, to the intellectual life of today's students?

Hear what our alumni have said about their experience with Teacher Prep:

"Teacher Prep is really one of the best opportunities at Yale to give something back to society. You're not doing a one-time service project when you're studying to become a teacher you're learning how to teach others and to give students the chance to succeed in life. No other program so directly provides you with a way to share your Yale education with the community."
"Students in the Teacher Preparation Program not only challenge you to understand the social and emotional meaning of public education, but also provide the best support network imaginable amidst the pressures and hopes of a Yale education."
"Teacher Preparation is a small program so everyone, the professors and the students, are really committed to one another. Our professors care so much about education and about teaching us that by learning to educate people, we are directly affecting the future. The minority of students at Yale want to be teachers-but these future teachers will be some of the greatest forces in the future of education."

See what our alumni are doing now, on facebook at "Yale Teacher Prep".

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