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Frequently Asked Questions: MA in Urban Education Studies

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Do I meet the CT course requirements for a certificate in my subject area?
First review the course prerequisites for the subject you wish to teach, and then download and fill out a first draft of the appropriate worksheet. For any courses that you are not sure about, gather the course descriptions from your university. Email your draft of the worksheet and the extra course descriptions to urbanteaching@yale.edu.
Is your program open to candidates in Elementary Education, Early Childhood, Special Education, ESL/Bilingual, or Art Education?
No. We only accept candidates who want to teach Grades 7-12 in English, History/Social Studies, Spanish, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or General Science.
Do you offer classes at night or part-time?
No. Our MA is offered full-time only. Classes are scheduled between the hours of 9am and 6pm, Monday through Friday, year-round.
Can I take just a single course without being enrolled in the entire program?
No. Our courses are open only to those enrolled in the MA in Urban Education Studies.
Do you have fall or spring start dates?
No, the only start date each year is at the beginning of June.
Do you accept applications from certified teachers?
Yes. We have had certified teachers join the program. Be aware that you will not be exempt from any of the program's components, including Student Teaching.
I am (or will be) certified in a state other Connecticut. Do I still need to take the Praxis exams?
You may have to. Please read "Certification for Out-of-State Applicants - Fact Sheet #106", and contact the Connecticut State Department of Education for more information.
Do you accept applications from international students?
This depends on whether the New Haven Public School District will be willing to grant you a work visa. They would need to approve your application first before we could consider you for admission.
I'm currently teaching in a school in or near New Haven. Can I continue teaching while enrolled in your program?
No. Our program is full-time and our candidates may not hold other employment that requires a significant time commitment.
Can the teaching commitment be fulfilled in another urban area?
No, the two-year teaching commitment must be fulfilled in the New Haven Public School District.
Is there financial aid available to candiates in your program?
Yes. Every student enrolled in our program automatically receives full financial support, which means a full tuition scholarship ($32,500 in 2009-2010) plus a room and board stipend ($25,500 in 2009-2010) and a health award that funds the full cost of a single student's Yale Health Plan Basic and Hospitalization/Specialty coverage.
How do I apply for financial aid? Do I need to submit financial information with my online application?
There is no application, and you do not need to fill out the Financial Statement supplemental form within the online application. If you are admitted into our program you will automatically be awarded the full aid package.
How is the stipend paid? How much can I expect to have to live on per month?
The stipend is distributed twice a month, over 14 months. A stipend of $25,500, for example, will be distributed in 28 equal installments of $910.71, beginning on June 15 and ending on July 31 the following year. More information is available from the Graduate School Office of Financial Aid.
Can candidates choose not to accept the financial support offered through the Urban Teaching Fellowship, and then not fulfill the teaching commitment or fulfill it outside of New Haven?
I have an outside fellowship that provides funding for graduate school. Will I still receive the full amount of the Urban Teaching Fellowship?
Yes. The amount of any funding you have outside of the Urban Teaching Fellowship does not affect the level of financial support you will receive from Yale University.