" The calling of our time is the war against terrorism. A new generation of Yale graduates now faces the world with a duty and a purpose"
Yale Daily News
September 17, 2001

Welcome to Democracy, Security and Justice: Perspectives on the American Future. A Yale University Lecture and Discussion Series.This year-long lecture and discussion series is Yale's attempt to foster wide-ranging conversation, debate, and reflection about the implications of the events of September 11th. The website gives you access to past presentations, the biographies and the writings of presenters, and information about upcoming events in the series and related activities elsewhere on the Yale campus. We invite you to comment on what you find here, and tell us what else you'd like the series or the website to accomplish.

Democracy, Security and Justice: Spring 2002 Schedule
01.27.02 Putin's Path: Russian Foreign Policy Since 9/11
Strobe Talbott
02.10.02 Work, War and Democracy
John Wilhelm
02.17.02 Art and Catastrophe
David Connell, Toni Dorfman , and Jay Winter
02.24.02 Political and Moral Implications of Postmodern Thought In The Wake Of 9/11
Stanley Fish
04.01.02 The Sacred and the Secular
Seyla Benhabib, Jon Butler, and Lamin Sanneh


A Common Sense Approach to Terrorism: Achieving the Right Balance
Jean Bethke-Elshtain
04.14.02 Democracy, Legitimacy and Succession in the Middle East
Bernard Lewis

Democracy, Security and Justice: Fall 2001 Schedule
10.02.01 Is Security Possible When War Becomes Crime?
Gary Hart
10.14.01 Who Are We Now? Where Do We Go From Here? A Student Discussion
10.21.01 Fighting the Taliban... and Iraq? A Report From the Front
Michael Rubin
10.28.01 Order, War and Terror: Establishing Moral Relationships
Bryan Hehir
11.04.01 Reflections on the Present Crisis
Donald Kagan
11.07.01 America's New War and the Reshaping of the Public Interest
James Fallows
11.11.01 America and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, 1991-2001
Avi Shlaim
11.26.01 Rethinking the Role of International Organizations
Ruth Wedgwood
12.03.01 Why Do They Hate Us? America In A New World.
Fareed Zakaria
12.09.01 What Role should the United States Play in the World After 9/11?
A Debate between Professors Paul Kennedy and Charles Hill
12.12.01 The Faces Of Islam Today: Muslim Identity And Practice In The Wake Of 9/11
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