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DNO Rates

Please note that these rates apply only to Central Campus Departments and Locations. For School of Medicine rates please refer to the ITS Med Website

Installation Charges  (Effective 7/1/03)

Campus Ethernet

Existing Jack*
New Jack

*NOTE: not all existing jacks are suitable for Ethernet.

Remote Access Setup

Monthly Rental Charges (Effective 7/1/03)

Ethernet Connection (10mb/100mb)*
Remote Access PPP
Private Network Port:**  
10 Megabit/second
100 Megabit/second

* 100mb not available at all locations. Please contact DNO at 432-6685 for details.

**Basic port rate includes access for 50 machines. Additional machines at $10/month each.

The Liberty System provides online access to Billing Details. Detailed information is found at the Liberty site.

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