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Graphics and 3D Fall 2013 Workshops-contact Ken Lovell to enroll.

3D Printing - A guide to 3D scanning, modeling, and printing at the DMCA. Emphasis will be on easily available, inexpensive and free solutions. Space in the workshop is limited to 10 people who will be able to attend all 4 sessions.

3D I: Intro to 3D Printing. An overview of current 3D scanning, modeling and printing technologies.

3D II: Scanning. A demonstration of 3D scanning capabilities available to users of the DMCA; including the Nextengine, Kinect, Primesense, and Makerbot scanners, as well as structured light and photogrammetric scanning systems.

3D III: Modelling. An brief introduction to 3D modeling software for fabrication;  including TinkerCAD, Netfabb, and Cinema4D.

3D IV: Fabrication. A demonstration of 3D technologies available to users of the DMCA; including the Replicator 2, Form1, and 3Doodler printers.

*The lecture portion of the 3D printing series will also be offered:

Digital Printmaking: - A hands on approach to the printmaking potential of inkjet printers. Includes a variety of alternative materials and techniques for printing directly to film and fabric as well as transfer printing to wood, glass and metal.

Vinyl Cutting Demo: An introduction on how to use the DMCA vinyl cutter and how to transfer cut images to a variety of surfaces.

Digital Printing Demos: An Introduction to medium and large format photographic printing at the DMCA using ImagePrint RIP Software.

Book Binding Demo: How to quickly and easily bind your own soft-cover books using a perfect binding, wire or coil binding machine.

Introduction to Photoshop: A close look at the most popular graphics application for artists and designers. No experience necessary.

Photoshop I: Concepts and Interface
Photoshop II: Selections and Transformations
Photoshop III: Layers and Masks
Photoshop IV: Color and Value 

Video Editing Fall 2013 Workshops-Contact Lee Faulkner to enroll.

Introduction to Final Cut Pro X: Importing Media, Managing Media, Working With The Interface, Basic Editing, Exporting The Finished Product.

Advanced Final Cut Pro X pt1: Audio Editing In Detail, Effects, Advanced Video Editing, Titles, Multi-Layer Video and Animation

Introduction To After Effects: Importing media, Working with the interface, Basic Animation, Layering Video, Adding Text, Working in 3D, Exporting Media

Advanced Final Cut Pro X pt2: Introduction To Color Correction, Multi -Camera Editing, Preparing and Exporting Audio For Mix down in ProTools, Working with 3rd Party Tools ( Exporting To After Effects, Project Management, Backups)

Color Workflow For Video: Video Color Spaces, Camera settings, LUT’s, Introduction To Color Correction In FCP X, Moving to DaVinci Resolve

Working With Green Screens: Lighting the screen, shooting the subject, working with footage in FCP X.

Physical Computing Workshops. Contact Jonathan Zalben to enroll.

Workshops in basic electronics and programming. No previous knowledge of electronics, sensors, or programming is assumed. The goal of the workshops is to familiarize participants with the basic setup and use of popular micro-controllers and sensory peripherals so that they can begin to create projects of their own. The technology taught in the course will include the Arduino, Pure Data, Processing, MAX/MSP/Jitter, and a variety of sensors. A lab fee of $50.00 payable to the DMCA is required to cover the cost of the materials. Class size is limited.


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