Yale Digital Media Center for the Arts


The DMCA Lobby offers ipads for general use such as e-mail, web browsing, word processing. The labs are for classroom and general use by qualified users. Access to the advanced labs (Studio B & C) is by permission only.


Graphics Lab (Room 104) 19 Mac Pro workstations, Wacom Intuos digitizing tablets and Cintiq screens, flat bed scanners, 6 medium format and 3 large format Epson printers, 2 Hasselblad film scanners, coil binder, perfect binder, ream cutter, rotary cutter and HD audio/video projection capability.
Video Lab (Room 103) 16 Mac Pro workstations, DVD Burners, capture, edit and export of DV, HDV and HD formats, dubbing station for DV to DVD and cassette to CD conversion, Logic sound editing station.
Seminar (Room 105) Large flat panel viewing screen/surround sound, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Blue Ray player. Maximum Room capacity 12.
Studio B The Advanced Media Lab features a shooting and recording studio space with green screen: an audio station with a 24-channel deck, synthesizers, effects processors, and an 88 key weighted performance controller. This space also features three advanced video editing rooms equipped with professional color correct monitors, Final Cut Pro and Final Cut X. Advanced lighting, camera, and recording equipment is also available.
Studio C The Lab has 3 Mac Pro workstations, 3 Windows workstation, Wacom digitizing tablets, a grand, large, and medium format printer, Roland vinyl cutter, flat files and a pin-up space. Makerbot Replicator 2 printers, 3Doodler, Nextengine 3D scanner, Structured Light Scanning station, Kinect scanners, Primesense scanners, Leap Motion controllers, Raspberry Pi and Arduino electronics workbench, Hasselblad and Epson film scanners.


The DMCA has equipment that may be borrowed by authorized users for 24 to 48 hours.   Equipment is reserved in advance in the DMCA reservations book in our lobby.   No phone or email bookings will be accepted.   Pick up and return times are noted at our equipment booth. Borrowed equipment is the responsibility of the user, and proof of insurance may be required.   Some of the equipment may only be borrowed by users who demonstrate a working knowledge of the equipment.

The general use equipment available includes:   digital video cameras, digital still cameras, lenses and accessories, microphones and stands, field lighting kits, field audio (DAT) kit, and location audio kits.

Advanced equipment usage is by permission only and is arranged with the appropriate DMCA staff member.


The DMCA maintains an array of computer applications for audio, video, graphics, modeling, drafting, text, and internet authoring.  Our basic programs are updated annually and we add new applications that have potential relevance to the arts as they become available. 

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