United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ

Preparation for ministry in the Congregational tradition goes back to the very origins of Yale University. Today, Yale Divinity School diligently upholds that proud legacy, providing comprehensive academic, pastoral and social resources for students preparing for ordination in the UCC or DOC. Students in these traditions can complete all of their ordination requirements during the course of M.Div. study at YDS and graduate fully prepared for ordination and for service within the church and beyond.

Alongside Presbyterian and Reformed students, UCC and Disciples students can participate in the voluntary Reformed Studies certificate program that validates student preparedness in the Reformed theological and historical traditions, as well as skills in preaching and leading worship. Beyond the classroom experience, participants in the Reformed Studies colloquia have opportunities to informally examine together issues facing Christians in the 21st century. Members of the United Church of Christ/Disciples of Christ Student Fellowship also gather over regular luncheon meetings, dinner socials, and weekly worship, building strong connections with one another. 

“In my classes, I have discovered a deep love for ethics and theology. Through chapel services, I have encountered creative, meaningful, and surprising ways to worship God. Through the YDS community, I have found lifelong friendships and engaged in life-changing conversations with professors, staff, and peers.”

-Jennie Ott, '06 M.Div., United Church of Christ