Yale Divinity School offers United Methodist students all of the academic resources required to achieve ordination, as well as the liturgical and social support needed to blossom from student to pastor. A constellation of courses in history, doctrine, evangelism and polity are available on a regular basis, with the aim of satisfying the Book of Discipline requirements for ordination. United Methodist students also take part fully in the life of Marquand Chapel, the daily liturgical hub of Sterling Divinity Quadrangle.

Opportunities abound for preaching, fashioning services and implementing new dimensions of worship firmly rooted in the Methodist tradition. Outside the classroom and the walls of Marquand Chapel, Methodist students and faculty meet regularly through the school’s Methodist Society, which provides a forum for discussion, support, fellowship and worship.

“Over the past three years, I have experienced a strong sense of welcome and hospitality; encountered and worshiped God in a myriad of creative and surprising ways; wrestled with challenging theological and ethical questions.”
-Jessica Anschutz 07 M.Div., United Methodist Church