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Community Life

Diversity at Yale Divinity School

The ecumenical character of YDS—coupled with the growing range of racial, cultural and social associations on campus—nurtures students in their own faith traditions and at the same time enhances their understanding of the many other traditions represented on campus.  YDS students represent a dynamic mix of denominations, racial/ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and other demographics.  Some are fresh out of college, others are "second career" students; some are single, others are married.  They come from the U.S. -- North, South, East and West -- and from around the globe.

Worship at Yale Divinity School

Among the most distinctive characteristics of YDS is the commitment to daily morning worship in Marquand Chapel—a time when no classes are scheduled.  Daily worship provides an ecumenical experience, while denominational services such as Episcopal Eucharist and Morning Prayer, Lutheran Vespers, Roman Catholic Mass, and those in the Reformed tradition provide space for spiritual grown in a particular faith. >Explore more

Student Groups

Whetheryou like to sing, care for the earth, kick a soccer ball, do social justice, play a musical instrument, or engage in any number of other activities, there is a place for you at YDS.  Special interest groups are plentiful, including organizations like the Black Seminarians; Korean Association; Latino Association; the Committee for Social Justice; the Earth Care Committee; the Evangelical Fellowship; and the Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Bisexual, and Transgendered Coalition. >Explore more

Beyond Yale Divinity School

YDS is just one of Yale University’s 10 professional schools.  As a major research university, Yale boasts an extremely wide array of interdisciplinary resources, and YDS encourages students to make use of those resources by enrolling in courses at other schools, engaging students from other disciplines, or attending lectures and symposia around the campus.  In addition, the University offers a rich tapestry of other resources such libraries, concerts, museums, and athletic facilities and events. >Explore more


Yale Divinity School publishes Reflections, a national magazine of theological and ethical reflection; Q Source, a weekly listing of events and announcements; an online alumni magazine, Spectrum; and the Notes from the Quad monthly e-newsletter.  Student-generated-and-written publications include Dear Theophilis, a no-holds-barred periodical about everything and anything; and Glossolalia, which celebrates student scholarship at YDS in all fields of study. >View publicaitons