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The history of black theological education is increasingly perceived as being of critical importance to our understanding of the black church and its relationship with the wider Christian community. Recent studies have also suggested that this history is of critical importance to efforts aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of contemporary black theological education. Unfortunately, histories of the theological education of blacks at some of the most prominent and important centers of theological education in this nation have yet to be written. This collaborative project titled "Been in the Storm So Long': Yale Divinity School and the Black Ministry-One Hundred and Fifty Years of Black Theological Education," attempts to make a modest but important contribution to the correction of this oversight by chronicling and preserving the history of the black presence at Yale Divinity School from the 1830s to the mid-1980s. This projected three-year study explicitly links church and academy as it attempts to examine the impact that theological education at Yale has had on the lives and careers of generations of black ministers, educators, missionaries, and Christian activists, many of whom have made significant contributions both at home and abroad.

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