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In Memoriam:

In the course of this project, two of the elderly alumni who generously and enthusiastically supported and assisted this project have passed away.  Both also provided invaluable interviews.  Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Dr. Josephus Coan, YDS 1933 (100 years old at the time of our interview) who served on the faculties at Morris Brown College and the Interdenominational Theological Center.  Dr. Coan also served as a pastor of several congregations and a missionary for nine years in Southern and Central Africa as an overseas missionary of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  Dr. Coan was an icon in Christian education and represents a critical linkage between YDS and black Christian education, which is being explored in the course of this project.  We also acknowledge Dr. Richard I. McKinney who died at the age of 99.  Dr. McKinney helped provide the intellectual and theological foundation of the modern civil rights movement.  He was also the founder of the Philosophy Department at Morgan State University and a former president of Storer College.  He hosted project investigators at his home and at the age of 98 returned to New Haven to take part in the project's first Black Alumni Forum held at YDS in February 2005.  In the course of the forum and a formal interview, he shared his insights regarding the history and future of black theological education at YDS.