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Principal Investigators

Moses N. Moore, Jr., M.Div. '77, Ph.D.

Moses Moore is an associate professor of American and African American religious history at Arizona State University . He completed a dissertation and later a book focused on Orishatukeh Faduma, an 1894 YDS graduate from Sierra Leone . (Moses N. Moore, Jr., Orishatukeh Faduma: Theological Liberalism and Evangelical Pan-Africanism. ) He recently completed a sabbatical as a research fellow at Yale Divinity School and is completing a biography of Henry H. Proctor, another 1894 graduate of YDS. Moore brings to this project expertise in American and African American religious history and archival research.

Yolanda Y. Smith, M.Div., Ph.D.

Yolanda Smith is assistant professor of Christian education at Yale Divinity School . As a professor and scholar in Christian education, Smith provides continuity with the longstanding and overlooked tradition of Christian education at Yale. Although her work addresses the broader field of Christian education, her particular research interests include Christian education in the African American experience and multicultural approaches to Christian education. This interest is reflected in her recent book, Reclaiming the Spirituals: New Possibilities for African American Christian Education (The Pilgrim Press, 2004). Her work in Christian education provides a valuable perspective for this project.