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Welcome to the Student Book Supply!


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About the Bookstore:


The Student Book Supply has been serving the needs of Yale Divinity School for almost seventy years.  It is committed to providing the YDS and greater professional and academic communities with the best in current and classic theological scholarship.  In addition to providing textbooks for Divinity School classes, the SBS stocks over 14,000 titles for practical ministry, academic study, and professional service.  The bookstore also stocks student supplies and insignia merchandise, and sponsors periodic book signings, public readings, and author lectures.


The bookstore maintains the tradition of its earlier life as a student cooperative through its member's discount program.  The bookstore actively participates in the wider theological and religious bookselling communities through its membership in the Association of Theological Booksellers and the American Booksellers Association.

Why should you buy from the Student Book Supply? Experience, independence, price, and a commitment to personal service. The Student Book Supply has been providing theological texts to divinity students for almost seventy years.  Our entire staff is theologically educated.  We understand what you need and how to get it.  By supporting the SBS, you are supporting one of the increasingly fewer independent businesses in the country. The SBS proudly maintains the spirit of a student cooperative. Since we are neither owned nor operated by an outside mega-corporation, we can make our own buying decisions and are thus free to stock a wide variety of texts.

Our member discount program, open to all, makes our new book prices competitive with both on-line and other brick-and-mortar stores. We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible, even in cases where we get little or no discount from publishers.


About textbooks:


The Student Book Supply is your textbook source for all Divinity School courses as well as occasional courses offered through other University departments.  Beginning dates for textbook sales will be posted at the Bookstore and on this website. 


Currently in the State of Connecticut there is no sales tax on textbooks for registered students at accredited institutions.  What that means to you is that we can offer you an exemption on your required textbooks only if your ID has been validated for the current semester.  Also, in order for us meet reporting requirements, only titles listed on the textbook list published by the Bookstore (and listed on this website) can be considered “textbooks.”

During the textbook rush period there is always a staff member to personally assist you in finding the textbooks that you need as well as to offer experienced advice on which optional texts to purchase.




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