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Faculty Publications

Denys Turner

Marxism and Christianity

ISBN 0389203513, Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 1983, $56.00 cl

Eros and Allegory: Medieval Exegesis of the Song of Songs

ISBN 0879079568, Cistercian Publications, 1995, $18.95

The Darkness of God: Negativity in Christian Mysticism

ISBN 0521645611, Cambridge University Press, 1998, $27.99 pa

Faith Seeking

ISBN 0334028884, SCM Canterbury Press, 2002, $14.95

Faith, Reason and the Existence of God

ISBN 0521841615, Cambridge University Press, 2004, $75.00 cl

ISBN 0521602564, Cambridge University Press, 2004, $29.99 pa


with Davies, Oliver, eds

Silence and the Word: Negative Theology and Incarnation

ISBN 0521817188, Cambridge Univeristy Press, 2002, $70.00 cl


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