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Faculty Publications

Thomas Troeger

Meditation: Escape to Reality

ISBN 0664241328, Westminster John Knox Press, 1977, $4.95

Rage! Reflect! Rejoice!: Praying with the Psalmists

ISBN 0664242936, Westminster John Knox Press, 1977, $3.99

Are you Saved?: Answers to the Awkward Question

ISBN 0664242677, Westminster John Knox Press, 1979, $6.95

Creating Fresh Images for Preaching New Rungs for Jacob's Ladder

ISBN 081700937X, Judson Press, 1982, $7.95

New Hymns for the Lectionary: To Glorify the Maker's Name

ISBN 0193857294, Oxford University Press, 1986, $9.95

Imagining A Sermon

ISBN 0687186943, Abingdon Press, 1990, $15.00

The Parable of Ten Preachers

ISBN 0687300304, Abingdon Press, 1992, $13.00

Borrowed Light: Hymn Texts, Prayers and Poems

ISBN 0193859424, Oxford University Press, 1994, $19.95

Ten Strategies for Preaching in a MultiMedia Culture

ISBN 0687007011, Abingdon Press, 1996, $16.65

Above the Moon Earth Rises: Hymn Texts, Anthems, and Poems for a New Creation

ISBN 0193864193, Oxford University Press, 2002, $17.95

Preaching While the Church is Under Reconstruction : The Visionary Role of Preachers in a Fragmented World

ISBN 0687085497, Abingdon Press, 2004, $17.00

Preaching and Worship

ISBN 082722978X, Chalice Press, 2005, $19.99


with Doran, Carol

New Hymns for the Life of the Church: To Make Our Prayer and Music One

ISBN 0193858657, Oxford University Press, 1992, $14.95

with Doran, Carol

Trouble At the Table: Gathering the Tribes for Worship

ISBN 0687426561, Abingdon Press, 1992, $16.00

with Doran, Carol

Open to Glory: Renewing Worship in the Congregations

ISBN 0817009817, Judson Press, 1993, $5.00

with Crawford, Evans

The Hum: Call and Response in African American Preaching

ISBN 0687180201, Abingdon Press, 1995, $15.00

with McGee, Lee

Wrestling With the Patriarchs: Retrieving Women's Voices in Preaching

ISBN 068700621X, Abingdon Press, 1996, $14.00

with Mattison, Robin, and Klein, Ralph

New Proclamation Commentary: Easter to All Saints, Yr B 2000

ISBN 0800642406, Augsburg Fortress Publishers, 1998, $24.99

with Everding, H Edward Jr.

So That All Might Know: Preaching to the Whole Congregation

ISBN 0687652383; Abingdon Press; 2008, $17.00

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