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Faculty Publications

Bryan D. Spinks

Freedom or Order? The Eucharistic Liturgy in English Congregationalism
ISBN 0915138603; Pickwick; 1984; $10.00 pa

Identity of Anglican Worship
ISBN 0819215783; Morehouse; 1991; $19.95pa

Liturgy in Dialogue: Essays in Memory of Ronald Jasper
ISBN 0814661491; Liturgical Press; 1991; $19.95

The Sanctus in the Eucharistic Prayer
ISBN 0521393078; Cambridge University Press; 1991; $75.00 cl
ISBN 0521526620; Cambridge University Press; 2002; $28.00 pa

Worship: Prayers from the East
ISBN 1569290008; Pastoral Press; 1993; $12.95

Two Faces of Elizabethan Anglicanism
ISBN 0810836777; Scarecrow Press; 1999; $49.50

Sacraments, Ceremonies, And the Stuart Divines: Sacramental Theology & Liturgy in England & Scotland, 1603-1662
ISBN 0754614751; Ashgate; 2001; $69.95 cl

Reformation & Modern Rituals & Theologies of Baptism

ISBN 0754656977; Ashgate Publishing; 2006; $29.95

Early & Medieval Rituals & Theologies of Baptism

ISBN 075461428X; Ashgate Publishing; 2006; $29.95

ed., The Place of Christ in Liturgical Prayer: Trinity, Christology, and Liturgical Theology

ISBN 9780814660188; Liturgical Press; 2008; $49.95


with Fenwick, John R
Worship in Transition: Liturgical Movement in 20th Century
ISBN 0826408273; Continuum; 1995; $17.95 pa

with Torrance, eds. (out of print but available)
To Glorify God
ISBN 0567086062; T & T Clark;1999; $30.00 cl


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