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Faculty Publications

Letty Russell

Future of Partnership
ISBN 0664242405; Westminster John Knox; 1979; $12.00 pa

Household of Freedom
ISBN 0664240178; Westminster John Knox; 1987; $10.00 pa

Human Liberation in a Feminist Perspective: A Theology
ISBN 0664239914; Westminster John Knox; 1979; $11.00 pa

Feminist Interpretation of the Bible
ISBN 0664246397; Westminster John Knox: 1985; $11.00 pa

Inheriting Our Mother's Gardens: Feminist Theology in Third World Perspective
ISBN 066425019X; Westminster John Knox; 1988; $14.00 pa

Church in the Round: Feminist Interpretation of the Church
ISBN 066425070X; Westminster John Knox; 1993; $17.00 pa

Changing Contexts of Our Faith (OP but available)
ISBN 0800618629: Augsburg Fortress; 1985; $4.95

with Clarkson, J. Shannon, eds.
Dictionary of Feminist Theologies
ISBN 0664220584; Westminster John Knox; 1996; $39.00 cl

with Trible, Phyllis, eds.

Hagar, Sarah, and Their Children: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Perspectives

ISBN 0664229824; Westminster John Knox Press; 2006; $24.95