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Faculty Publications

Rowan Greer

The Captain of Our Salvation: A Study in the Patristic Exegesis of Hebrews
ISBN 3161348222; J C B Mohr; 1973; $67.50 cl

Origen: Selected Writings
ISBN 0809121980; Paulist Press; 1979;$17.95 pa

Fear of Freedom: A Study of Miracles in the Roman Imperial Church
ISBN 027100648X; Pennsylvania State University Press; 1989; $42.50 cl

Broken Lights and Mended Lives: Theology and Common Life in the Early Church
ISBN 0271007869; Pennsylvania State University Press; 1991;$20.95 pa
ISBN 0271004223; Pennsylvania State University Press; 1986; $30.00 cl

Christian Hope and Christian Life: Raids on the Inarticulate
ISBN 0824519167; Crossroad Publishing; 2001; $24.95 pa

Anglican Approaches to Scripture: From the Reformation to the Present. 

ISBN 0824523687; Crossroad Publishing; 2006; $29.95

with Kugel, James
Early Biblical Interpretation
0664250130; Westminster John Knox Press; 1987; $26.95 pa