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Faculty Publications

Margaret Farley


Compassionate Respect: A Christian Feminist Approach to Medical Ethics
ISBN 0809141159; Paulist Press; 2002; $7.95 pa

Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics
ISBN 0826410014; Continuum; 2006; $24.95

with Cahill, Lisa S.
Embodiment, Morality, & Medicine
ISBN 0793342X; Kluwer Academic; 1995; $154.50 cl

with Jones, Serene, eds
A Liberating Eschatology: Essays in Honor of Letty M Russell
ISBN 0664257887; Westminster John Knox Pr; 1999; $24.95 pa

honoring the work of:

Ryan, Maura and Linnane, Brian, eds

A Just and True Love: Feminism at the Frontiers of Theological Ethics.  Essays in honor of Margaret A. Farley

ISBN 0268040257; University of Notre Dame Press; 2007; $45.00 cl

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