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Faculty Publications

Brevard Childs

The Book of Exodus: A Critical Theological Commentary (OTL)
ISBN 0664209858; Westminster John Knox Press; 1974; $39.95 cl

Introduction to the Old Testament As Scripture
ISBN 0800605322; Augsburg Fortress; 1979; $39.00 cl

The New Testament As Canon: An Introduction
ISBN 1563380897; Trinity Press International; 1985, reprinted 1994; $27.00 pa

Old Testament Theology in a Canonical Context
ISBN 0800627725; Augsburg Fortress; 1986; $21.00 pa

Biblical Theology of the Old & New Testaments: Theological Reflection on the Christian Bible
ISBN 0800626753; Augsburg Fortress; 1993; $47.00 cl

Isaiah: A Commentary
ISBN 0664221432; Westminster John Knox; 2000; $59.95 cl

Biblical Theology: A Proposal
ISBN 0800634810; Augsburg Fortress; 2002; $6.00 pa

The Struggle to Understand Isaiah aws Christian Scripture

ISBN 082827616; Wm B Eerdmans Publishing; 2004; $35.00