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Faculty Publications

Harold W. Attridge

ISBN 0800660218; Augsburg Fortress; 1988; $50.00 cl

ed. Of Scribes & Scrolls: Studies on the Hebrew Bible, Intertestamental Judaism, and Christian Origins
ISBN 0819179027; University Press of America; 1990; $58.50 cl
ISBN 0819175035; University Press of America; 1990; $37.50 pa

with Hata, Gohei
Eusebius, Christianity, & Judaism
ISBN 9004096884; E. J. Brill; 1992; $123.00 cl
ISBN 0814323618; Wayne State Univ Press; 1992; $54.95 cl

with Oden, Robert
Philo of Byblos: The Phoenician History
ISBN 091570086; Catholic Biblical Association; 1981; $3.50 pa

with Feldman, Louis et al
Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism
ISBN 1880317087; Biblical Archaeology Society; 1992; $16.95 pa

with Fassler, Margot Elsbeth

Psalms in Community: Jewish and Christian Textual, Liturgical, and Artistic Traditions

ISBN 1589830784, Sociey of Biblical Literature, 2004, $49.95 cl

with Vander Kam, James

Presidential Voices: The SBL in the 20th Century

ISBN 1589832590; Society of Biblical Literature; 2006; $39.95 pa

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