News PhotoStudents, alumni making space for "laboratories of community and worship"
With a tradition of diverse and ecumenical worship in Marquand Chapel, YDS has always harbored a rich culture of creativity and experimentation. For some students and alumni, their experience has inspired them to create new churches with creative ways of worshiping and organizing communities, shedding traditional forms or reinventing them. "Emergent" is a nebulous, but useful way to describe an approach to creating churches that self-consciously does not look traditional and institutional. Yet many new churches resist the label; labels can be closed-ended and institutional. And since emergent churches vary widely from one another, the movement is frequently called the emergent "conversation" instead. >Read more

Clarence E. Hardy III: the dilemma of making a canon
Article graphicClarence E. Hardy III is fascinated with religious exile—writers, theologians, and others who work outside the gates of doctrinal power yet remain preoccupied with Christian faith and its possibilities. These days, the spiritual climate seems to be catching up to him. "I think a lot of students today have an exile-like sensibility," says Hardy, YDS assistant professor of the history of American Christianity. >Read more

Probing musical imagination, biblical historicity
Article graphic"Part of our role as musicians is to help the human heart release its tears so that we might sense anew the resilience of hope that we will never know if we have never wept." Those words are the reflection of Edward and Ruth Cox Lantz Professor of Christian Communication Thomas Troeger on his experience team-teaching a hymn-writing course with former ISM Lecturer Patrick Evans. >Read more

Cyril O'Regan Taylor Lectures now online
Cyril O'Regan, Huisking Professor of Theology at Notre Dame delivered the 2014 Nathaniel W. Taylor Lectures in theology. O'Regan specializes in the intersection of religion and literature, mystical theology, and postmodern thought. If you missed the lectures, you can now watch the series online at the YDS Livestream channel.

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Bonhoeffer, fifth-grade teachers, and souls in chaos
It was a Saturday morning and I had just finished up at the gym. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get a cup of coffee on my way to pick something up at the mall. As I was waiting at the counter, I glanced at the TV and saw the headline on the national news: "Three confirmed dead in shooting at mall." >Read more


Feb. 25: Parks-King Lecture
Article graphicOn Tuesday, Feb. 25 Rev. James Forbes, Harry Emerson Fosdick Distinguished Professor at Union Theological Seminary, and Senior Minister Emeritus of the Riverside Church in New York, will give the annual Parks-King lecture at 5:30 in Marquand Chapel. The event is free and and open to the public. Lecture will also be webcast on Livestream >Event details

Convocation and Reunions 2014
SAVE THE DATE: October 22-24

Historic Beecher lectures, faculty talks, panel discussions, and much more.

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