Lead StoryYale Divinity School graduates Linn Tonstad and Melanie Ross join YDS faculty

The Yale Divinity School faculty is adding two new full-time professors to its ranks in 2012-13, both YDS graduates: Melanie Ross '04 M.A.R., '07 M.Div., assistant professor of liturgical studies, and Linn Marie Tonstad '03 M.A.R., '09 Ph.D., assistant professor of systematic theology.  Ross joins the faculty from Huntington University in Indiana and, Tonstad, from the Perkins School of Theology. Meanwhile, the end of the 2011-12 academic year marks the departure of five professors from the full-time faculty: Jeremy Hultin and Diana Swancutt, associate professors of New Testament; Yolanda Smith, associate professor of Christian education; Andre Willis, assistant professor of the philosophy of religion; and Patrick Evans, associate professor in the practice of sacred music.  >Go to story

YDS strengthens African American recruiting efforts

As part of a broader outreach to ensure as diverse a student body as possible, Yale Divinity School has boosted its efforts at recruiting prospective African American students. In 2011-12, YDS made special efforts to reach out to the African American community at a number of national gatherings, and a new admissions brochure aimed at African American students has been published.

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Calling all volunteers: the Jonathan Edwards Global Accelerated Sermon Editing Project

If you have an interest in the writings of 18th century theologian Jonathan Edwards, and if you enjoy editing and are good at it, then the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale has something for you. The Center has just embarked on a Global Accelerated Sermon Editing Project, inviting scholars, pastors, graduate students and others worldwide to help edit some 750 sermons by Edwards.

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Tisa Wenger: historian of American religious freedom
WengerReligion historian Tisa Wenger is crisscrossing the country in search of something that has inspired, divided, or confounded Americans since the nation’s beginnings—the meaning of religious freedom. She is piecing together a long and contentious story of how religious freedom has been defined across the twentieth century.  As she is discovering, the history of the shifting definitions of religious freedom reflects larger conflicts about national identity, values and power. An American history of religious liberty is a kind of history of America itself. >Go to story

Debate continues on Vatican denunciation of Margaret Farley’s book Just Love

One month after the Vatican denounced the book Just Love by Yale Divinity School Professor Emerita Margaret Farley, reaction remains heated, and the six-year-old book continues to be a best seller among religion books as an apparent result of the Vatican criticism.

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Visiting Palestinian scholar-pastor praises value of Palestinian art
The Rev. Mitri Raheb, a visiting scholar at Yale Divinity School who was recently featured on a “60 Minutes” broadcast about Christians in the Holy Land, gave a talk on the importance of art in Palestine at New Haven’s United Church on the Green on June 23, opening a two-week display of Palestinian art at the church. >Go to story.
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Religion and Environmental Stewardship Symposium: "Roll up our sleeves, there's work to be done."

Student/faculty trip to Uganda: stories heard, lessons learned

A son preserves sermons of famous father: William Sloane Coffin Sermon Archive Project


Save the Date!
Convocation and Reunions 2012, October 24-26
Reunion Classes Include:
1952 - 60th Reunion
1957-55th Reunion
1962- 50th Reunion
1976 '77 & '78-Cluster 35th Reunion
1987-25th Reunion
1996 '97 & '98-Cluster 15th Reunion
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, & 2012 Recent Graduates Reunion
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A Call to Alumni from Reflections magazine

The Fall 2012 Reflections will be an election-season issue that examines the values (spiritual, moral, civic, political) that define the American character today. We’re in a partisan time where Congress is deadlocked and citizens remain divided by ideology, religion, class, and science. Reflections will explore some core values we still hold together and identify impulses that drive us apart and why. Is there a way forward together? We’d like to hear from you on any of several questions. >Go to story

Leaving Sterling Divinity Quadrangle, Class of 2012 graduates engage life after YDS
YDS Class of 2012 graduates are heading off to ministries in locations such as Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and Atlanta; others are taking positions at schools and nonprofits; and many will be pursuing further education at Yale and other colleges and universities
. Read some of their stories here. >Go to story


Installation of Gregory E. Sterling as dean of Yale Divinity School, Oct. 23

SterlingThe installation of Gregory E. Sterling as dean of Yale Divinity School on Tuesday, Oct. 23 will set the stage for Convocation and Reunions 2012.  The ceremony will include an academic procession, a worship service, and a reception, all open to the public.  Sterling officially takes office on Aug. 1. A New Testament scholar, Sterling comes to YDS after more than two decades at Notre Dame, where he currently serves as dean of the Graduate School and professor of theology.  The installation will take place 4-5 pm on Sterling Divinity Quadrangle.

Convocation and Reunions 2012, Oct. 24-26

Convocation Speakers
In addition to major events such as the Beecher, Cheney, and Kavanagh lectures, highlights of Convocation and Reunions 2012 will include presentations by three senior members of the YDS faculty: Lamin Sanneh, the D. Willis James Professor of World Christianity (Oct. 26); Kathryn Tanner, the Frederick Marquand Professor of Systematic Theology (Oct. 24); and Carolyn Sharp, professor of Hebrew Scriptures (Oct. 25).  Sanneh will speak on “The Last Great Frontier in a Post-9/11 World: Lessons of World Christianity.”  Tanner will address the subject “Why Christians Should Support the Occupy Movement.”  Sharp’s topic is yet to be determined.  >Go to Convocation and Reunions schedule

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