Lead StoryYDS alumni garner Association of Yale Alumni Board of Governors Excellence Awards

Yale Divinity School alumni have garnered two major Association of Yale Alumni Board of Governors Excellence Awards.   The awards—one for “outstanding school event” and the other for “best marketing, branding, and communications”—were formally announced on Friday, Nov. 18, during ceremonies at the AYA annual assembly.  The school event award was presented in recognition of  “Honoring the Past, Challenging the Future: Celebrating 8 Decades of Women at Yale Divinity School.”  The marketing award recognized communications surrounding YDS’s 2011 Lenten initiative, entitled “Mobilizing Faith, Fighting Poverty,” which spanned the 40 days of Lent.  >Read More

Dean Harold Attridge honored with festschrift
Dean Harold Attridge was honored with a festschrift prior to the concurrent AAR/SBL annual meetings in San Francisco in November, in recognition of his New Testament scholarship over a span of four decades.  The festschrift, entitled Method and Meaning: Essays on New Testament Interpretation in Honor of Harold W. Attridge, is a tome of over 500 pages featuring articles by 30 scholars.  >Go to story

Willis Jenkins: earth care demands action as well as thought
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Rhetoric around climate change is generating its own heat—denials in one corner, official pronouncements of ethical concern in another, and elsewhere a growing chorus of organized voices urging the global industrial north to change its way of life.  But the global warming challenge cries out for something more than posturing, says Willis Jenkins, the Margaret A. Farley Assistant Professor of Social Ethics at YDS. >Read More

Concurrent AAR/SBL meetings set stage for packed YDS reception
About 250 alumni, faculty, and friends of Yale Divinity School attended the YDS reception at the concurrent American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature meetings in San Francisco, Nov. 19-22.  Also joining the reception were prospective students.  A number of Yale Divinity School faculty and alumni delivered papers at the meeting. >Go to story

Journey of the Universe picked up by PBS
Journey of the Universe, the sweeping documentary film about the nature of the universe co-written by Yale Divinity School Senior Lecturer and Research Scholar Mary Evelyn Tucker, will be shown on PBS stations in virtually every corner of the country during December.  The 55-minute film is designed to inspire a new and closer relationship with Earth in a period of growing environmental and social crisis.  >Go to broadcast schedule

Blair, Kerry, Volf featured on Yale webcast
On Friday, Dec. 2, Tony Blair and Sen. John Kerry joined Yale Divinity School Professor Miroslav Volf and students in Volf’s Faith & Globalization class to discuss the role of religion in liberal democracy.  The discussion was webcast live and has been archived for future viewing.  Yale, in collaboration with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, launched the course in the fall of 2008 as a three-year effort to explore the global impact of religious faith in the 21st century. >Go to webcast

Calling All Nominations for Alumni Awards
Very soon the YDS Alumni Board’s Awards Committee will convene to select the 2012 honorees for: Distinction in Congregational Ministry, Distinction in Theological Education, William Sloane Coffin '56 Award for Peace and Justice, and Lux et Veritas. For information about last year’s recipients, click here. To submit your nominations, send in the nominations form by January 3, 2012.

YDS Day of Service: connecting the dots, from faith to community engagement

Mary Clark Moschella and Kathryn Tanner report on research projects at 2011 Henry Luce III Fellows in Theology Conference

Have you edited or written a book recently?
If you are an alum who has edited or written a book published since July 1, 2010, we would like to hear from you.  In the winter 2012 issue of Spectrum magazine, we will be featuring recent alumni books and would be pleased to include yours if you send us a brief description of 75 words or less.  Please send information by Dec. 15 to gus.spohn@yale.edu.

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Day of Service, Prospective Student Day, Tree Trimming, Holiday Reception at the Dean's Residence, Café Eucharist in Marquand Chapel

Support YDS students through the Annual Fund

One of the greatest pleasures of being at YDS is meeting the extraordinary students here. Every one of them is unique and has come to YDS for different reasons. But each of them is passionate about doing purposeful work with their lives. They speak with focus and conviction about their futures.  If you would like to support our most precious resource—our students—please make a gift today to Yale Divinity School’s Annual Fund. Each gift is used exclusively to support financial aid for our students. Click here or call 203-432-5359 or 800-395-7646  >Read more about students


Advent Service, Dec. 6
On Dec. 6, 700-8:30 pm in Marquand Chapel, Yale Divinity School will celebrate the Christmas season with its annual Advent service.  Theologically, the Advent Season is a time of waiting and anticipation, celebrating the coming of Christ into the world, including not only his birth on Christmas Day but also Christ’s breaking into present history and the second coming at the end of time.   All are welcome to attend.

Parks-King Lecture, Jan. 23
Parks-KingElizabeth Alexander, the Thomas E. Donnelley Professor of African American Studies and professor of American Studies and English at Yale University, will deliver the 2011-2012 Parks-King lecture on Monday, Jan. 23, 5:30 - 6:30 pm in Niebuhr Hall.  The annual lecture is intended to bring the contributions of African American scholars, social theorists, pastors, and social activists to YDS and to the wider New Haven community.

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