Digital resources: an embarrassment of riches at YDS

Did you know that a wealth of digital educational online resources are freely available on the YDS web site?  Among them are virtually all of the major lectures delivered since 2004 at YDS, in video format; the Yale Bible Study video series featuring Yale-related scholars; and four-dozen valuable religion databases offered through the YDS Library.

DigitalIn addition, numerous digital resources are linked on the broader Yale University web pages, such as podcasts posted on Yale iTunesU and videos of entire Yale lecture courses in a wide range of fields encompassing the humanities, sciences, and arts.

Over the past five years, YDS has made steady progress in boosting its online resources, both in terms of quantity and accessibility.

Currently, the YDS webcasts archive page is being reconfigured to allow for sorting by lecture category, year, and title—to accommodate the large number of videos, some 140, that have been archived since 2004. That process is scheduled to be completed by the time of this year’s Convocation and Reunions, Oct. 10-12.

Webcasts on the site, among many others, include Commencement, Convocation and Reunion, and Opening Convocation videos; lecture series such as the Beecher, Taylor, Schafer, Parks-King and Sorensen Lectures; and talks by well-known figures like Stanley Hauerwas, Madeline Albright, and Bill McKibben.

The Yale Bible Study Series features YDS-related faculty—such as Harold Attridge, David Bartlett, Robert Wilson, and Carolyn Sharp—discussing biblical texts in an informal conversational style.  Each video segment is 10-15 minutes long, with an accompanying online study guide.  The just-released series on Acts, soon to be posted, features YDS Dean Harold Attridge and YDS Professor Emeritus of Christian Communication David Bartlett.

The YDS library offers free access to some four dozen valuable religion databases—including, for alumni only, the ATLASerials collection of more than 100 major religion and theology journals, including both popular and scholarly publications such as Christian Century, Christianity Today, Ecumenical Review, Catholic Biblical Quarterly, and Anglican Theological Review.

Beyond the educational resources, the YDS web site also offers a wealth of more practical online information, much of it related to YDS activities, alumni, faculty, and students.
In the past year, the YDS alumni class notes pages have been reconfigured to allow sorting by class year and searches by last name.  And the YDS faculty pages now include mechanisms for sorting by faculty “type,”—e.g., full-time, lecturer, etc.—and area of expertise.

On the first Monday of every month—or on the following Tuesday when the first Monday falls on a holiday—YDS’s alumni e-magazine, Notes from the Quad, is published online.  In addition to feature articles and news stories, each issue includes the popular “About People” column that consolidates stories about YDS people published elsewhere; a “Faculty on the Road” listing of which faculty are speaking where; and an “Upcoming Events” column.

All alumni for whom YDS has a valid email address are able to receive the email version of Notes from the Quad, an abbreviated version of the magazine that is delivered automatically to alumni email accounts.

Also available online are current and past issues of the annual report of activities at YDS, Spectrum magazine.

Other new digital resources include the official YDS Facebook and Twitter pages.

Click here to visit the YDS Digital Resources page.

Posted: 10/03/2011

Resived: 01/03/2012