People Notes“I love to teach!  I had so many positive experiences with great teachers at Yale Divinity School.  Many encouraged me to consider an academic career, and yet I have felt called to parish settings.  There, among people of faith, living out their vocation in the world, I feel called to teach and look forward to every opportunity to do so.”  Carol Wade '03 M.Div. '04 S.T.M., June 26, 2011, in an Episcopal Diocese of Lexington article about her selection to become the first woman to serve as dean and rector of Kentucky’s historic Christ Church Cathedral.


“Whether the topic is hair length, celibacy, when life begins, or divorce, time and again, the leaders most opposed to gay marriage have demonstrated an incredible willingness to consider nuances and complicating considerations when their own interests are at stake.”  Jonathan Dudley ’09 M.A.R., June 21, 2011, CNN Belief Blog, in the column “My Take: Bible condemns a lot, so why focus on homosexuality?”

Andrew Thompson ’06 M.A.R. is one of four recipients of The Episcopal Church Foundation’s 2011 Fellowship Partners grants.  The Program aim is to identify and raise up “dynamic and transformational lay and ordained church leaders” by providing financial support to individuals engaged in academic study and transformational ministries that address important areas of need in the Episcopal Church.  Thompson is a doctoral candidate in Christian ethics at Yale, where his research focuses on the ethics of the church and its relationship to different cultural contexts.  Among the renewal grant recipients was Kathryn Reinhard ’08 M.Div., ’09 S.T.M.

Awet Andemicael ’10 M.A.R., a doctoral student at the University of Notre Dame has been selected to receive a 2011 Fund for Theological Education (FTE) Doctoral Fellowship, a competitive national award. As an FTE Doctoral Fellow, Andemicael will receive a stipend of up to $20,000 from FTE, an ecumenical organization that advocates for excellence and diversity in pastoral ministry and theological scholarship.  FTE supports doctoral students from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups who plan to teach religion, theology or biblical studies at theological schools and universities.

Paul Matheny ’83 S.T.M. is the author of two new books, a textbook for seminarians, pastors and lay ministers serving in Asia, The Theology of Christian Churches (New Day Publishers), and a book that advocates use of contextual methods in theology, Contextual Theology: The Drama of our Times (Pickwick Press).  The books are in intended to be resources for theological formation programs around the world and make a plea for a revival of ecumenical thinking in theological formation.

The First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster, PA has welcomed Matthew Richardson ’90 M.Div. as its new pastor. He previously served for six years as pastor and head of staff at Central Presbyterian Church in Chambersburg, PA.|newswell|text|Frontpage|s

Kristi Rose Kleinbeck ’06 M.Div. was ordained and installed at Grace Lutheran Church in Wisconsin Rapids, WI., on June 11.  Bishop Jim Justman and the Rev. Joy Mortensen-Wiebe presided at the ordination. She will join the Rev. Kent Raddatz in serving the Grace congregation.

Missouri Supreme Court Judge William Ray Price Jr. ’77 Div., completed a two-year term as the state's chief justice at the end of June. It was his second tour as leader of the seven-member court.   Before his appointment to the bench in 1992, he had been a police commissioner in Kansas City and led the litigation department at a large law firm that represents business interests.

“The world has a history of acknowledging the church's witness for peace. Desmond Tutu won a Nobel Peace prize for his opposition to apartheid. El Salvador's Oscar Romero is carved into the wall of Westminster Abbey. In Sudan, that support is nowhere to be found.”  Jesse Zink ’12 M.Div., June 29, 2011, Episcopal News Service, in the column “Pay attention to Sudan.”

“Yes. I think that overall, the books are very much asking questions that are very real questions for people today. . . They are questions for readers and for my students. I see them struggling to make those connections very often.”  Danielle Tumminio '03 B.A., '06 M.Div., '08 S.T.M., June 28, 2011,, in the story “A God in Harry Potter:  Quincy priest discusses the relationship at book reading.”

“The bishops refuse to see that these officials were actually honoring the Catholic social justice tradition in their motivation for passing the marriage bill. They approached the issue as a cause for civil rights. From health care proxies and medical benefits to tax laws, same sex couples will now enjoy thousands of rights previously available only to married heterosexuals.”  Jamie Manson ’02 M.Div., June 28, 2011, National Catholic Reporter, in the column “Catholic hierarchs lose marriage battle to Catholic laity.”

“I escaped from North Korea in 1950, when I was 19, and I didn’t return until 28 years later. By then, my father, who was a minister, had died in prison and my mother had also died. I was fortunate to find my four sisters, and I have been trying ever since to help them survive there.”  Syngman Rhee ’65 S.T.M., June 23, 2011, The (VA) News & Advocate, in the article “Faith unites South Korean pastor with family in North.”

David Duncombe ’62 B.D., ‘63 S.T.M., ’66 Ph.D., 82, died June 18 at his home in White Salmon, WA., surrounded by his family. A dedicated social activist and retired medical school chaplain, he had suffered for years with lung problems after contracting tuberculosis during one of his many jail stays. He died just a few days after learning he had cancer.

Scott Barker ’85 B.A., ’92 M.Div., rector of Christ Church in the Village of Warwick, NY, has been named as the next bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska.  Pending approval by the national Episcopal Church, his consecration is scheduled for Oct. 8 at the Embassy Suites Omaha-LaVista/Hotel Conference Center in Omaha.

“Poetry doesn’t promise ‘answers’ or rational investigations; its authority comes from a different source that for me is inextricable from its music. It’s fun to see how an idea like the incarnation shows up in Donne, or how Darwin’s theories appear in Lorine Niedecker, but ultimately poems are after a different kind of sense. (Not a kind of sense, on its own, that anyone can survive on, I should add.)  Nate Klug ’12 M.Div., in an interview printed in the Winter/Spring 2011 issue of  TriQuarterly, the literary magazine of Northwestern University.

Two-term Missoula (MT) City Councilman Dave Strohmaier ’95 M.A.R. will seek the Democratic nomination for Montana's congressional seat. The state's sole congressional seat is being vacated by Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg, who is taking on Democratic U.S. Sen. Jon Tester next year.

"My dad was a pastor. My earliest memory was of standing around after church and somebody asking, `What do you want to be when you grow up,' and I said, `A minister, just like my dad,' and everybody laughed. I had no idea why they were laughing. Finally somebody said, `Well you can't be. You're a girl,'"  Marjo Anderson ’80 M.Div., June 11, 2011, CT Post, in the article “New pastor becomes ‘real mother’ at Salem Lutheran.”

After serving for four years in an interim capacity at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Peabody, MA, Joyce Caggiano ’85 M.Div. has been installed as rector there.