Cassandra Ann Granados 11 M.Div.
B.S. Southwestern Assembly of God University 2008

GranadosDuring my teenage and college years in the Assemblies of God, I developed a passion for preaching.  For me, there is nothing better than hearing a sermon that grips the hearts of its hearers, sustains their attention, and calls them to practical action!  Yale Divinity School was the perfect place to broaden my horizon to the various homiletical methodologies and fine-tune my ability to communicate.

During my course of study, I was able to take six homiletics classes that helped in their own unique way to shape me as a preacher.  I am especially grateful for homiletics professors Nora Tubbs Tisdale and Tom Troeger, whose suggestions for strengthening my sermons challenged me to a greater level of quality and attention to detail.  Along with her wisdom, Dr. Tisdale was also a personal inspiration to me, showing me that being a lead pastor of a church and being a professor of preaching is possible for women!

As my time at the Divinity School has come to an end, I have many dreams for the future that I would love to become a reality.  I hope to be a lead pastor of my own church and have an opportunity to bring my pastoral and theological education to practical use.  More than anything, my heart yearns to minister and lead people closer to God.

After receiving pastoral ministry experience, I hope to pursue doctoral work in homiletics and to one day become a preaching professor.  What an honor it would be to teach the next generation of ministers.  One dream of mine has become a reality: I was ordained as an Assemblies of God minister on June 8, 2010 at the North Texas District Council.  With ministerial credentials and education in hand, I am excited for the adventure of ministry that God has waiting for me.

Posted: 07/05/2011