Students graduate, head to far-flung regions

Students in the Class of 2011 have left YDS with some intriguing plans for the future, both immediate and long-term.  As usual, many will pursue further academic studies or fill pulpits in the U.S. But others are headed overseas.  A total of 128 students graduated in May, with another 15 expected to graduate in December. Following are brief reflections from ten 2011 graduates.

Graduate Photo Norani Abu Bakar '11 M.A.R.
Graduate Photo William Brown '11 M.Div.
Graduate Photo Cassandra Ann Granados '11 M.Div.
Graduate Photo Greg Griffin '11 M.Div.
Graduate Photo Peter Harrits '11 S.T.M.
Graduate Photo Brad Holden '11 M.Div.
Graduate Photo Katherine Jackson '11 M.A.R.
Graduate Photo Shakira Sanchez-Collins ’11 M.Div.
Graduate Photo Vernice (Hopie) Randall '11 M.Div.
Graduate Photo Spencer Reece '11 M.Div.