New automated online giving options now available

The five-year Divinity Tomorrow capital campaign concluded at the end of June.  But, looking ahead, alumni may be interested to know that there are now incremental online giving options available designed to make giving to YDS more effortless than ever.

Alumni and friends visiting YDS’s online giving site will notice that donors can make not only immediate, one-time gifts but can also make gifts over time on an automated basis using a credit card.  Options include making automatic monthly payments, or quarterly payments, on a pledge over the course of the fiscal year, beginning at any time during the year.

While most YDS gifts go to the Annual Fund, which is used exclusively for student scholarships, gifts for any specified use can be made online.

“We’re very excited about the new online giving feature because it simplifies giving and offers our alumni more options, including monthly and quarterly giving,” said Gail Briggs, who as director of alumni relations is responsible for Annual Fund giving.  “Many alumni have said that they prefer to make smaller gifts at regular intervals during the year, which results in a more substantial gift by year’s end without any reminders.”

Posted: 07/05/2011