Editor’s Note: Following is a submission from Peter Panagore ’86 M.Div. of East Boothbay, ME. He is pastor of First Radio Parish Church of America and previously a staff writer at Homiletics, which has published more than 100 of his sermons. His book Two Minutes for God was released in 2007.

Ultimate Divinity bests Veri-toss: a response

By Peter Panagore ’86 M.Div.

The May Notes from the Quad contained an intriguing headline: Lux et Veritas over Veritas: Yale Divinity defeats Harvard Divinity in Frisbee Foray. I clicked the link and read, “It was a bright morning in New Haven on Saturday, April 9, when an intrepid ragtag band of misfits from Yale Divinity School, cheered on by a crowd of well-wishers, bested their powerhouse rival from Harvard’s own divinity school in a do-or-die game of Ultimate Frisbee.”

PanagoreMy blood ran blue. Why? Because in the fall of 1984 Teke Wiggin ’87 M.Div. and I co-founded “The YDS Intramural Tuesday Afternoon Ultimate Frisbee Game.” Along with our founding teammates, we named our YDS team “Ultimate Divinity.” We printed T-shirts. Our founding team played in the Ultimate Frisbee Regionals held in New York State, playing against the national powerhouses of the day. We held our own while wearing our team shirts. On the back of our shirts was a quote taken from an encounter I once had with Professor Lansing R. Hicks:

During a heated game on the quad, I held the 175g Frisbee. I saw an open teammate and tossed it hard, straight and fast. A very dignified Professor Hicks emerged from the brick-covered walkway. His back was to me. My toss hit Hicks with a thud to the back of his cranium. The game stopped.  Shocked, I sprinted over to Hicks as he bent to pick the Frisbee off the grass. I apologized, humbled. Hicks, holding the disc, looked at me and said, "Son, it's not just a game—it's a way of life!" Professor Hicks then skillfully threw the Frisbee across the field to a player. Professor Hicks walked on his way to cheers!

In honor of Ultimate Divinity’s victory, taking home the Frisbee trophy in the founding match-up of The Game against Harvard Divinity, I gathered my teammates and YDS friends from Maine to Hawaii. Together, we agreed to donate Yale blue team shirts with our original design (slightly redacted) and Prof. Hicks’s quote to our champions!

Alex Peterson, ’12 M.Div., coordinator of Friends and Athletes at the Div School, enthusiastically approved. Go Yale!


Posted: 06/03/2011