From the Alumni Board president: YDS produces caring people

By Jerry Henry ’80 M.Div.
President, Yale Divinity School Alumni Board

Yale Divinity School, by its very nature, produces caring people.  This was brought home to me in several ways during the recent meetings of the YDS Alumni Board and the YDS Board of Advisors, May 4-6 in New Haven.   There were the reports of the good work under way from our various committees and task groups (Alumni Awards, Committee on the Board, Convocation and Reunions, Development, Emerging Alumni, and the Eight Decades Women’s Reunion). But there was much more that showed how much people care about YDS.

Attridge and HenryIn the Alumni Board meetings, we continue to explore specific ways to engage alumni in the life of YDS.  The Board members present, who sacrifice time away from their day-to-day jobs and their homes to spend two days representing YDS’s diverse alumni, are dedicated to finding ways to help alumni carry the lessons and experiences we learned at YDS into our daily lives. They are a caring bunch!

Second, as an ex-officio member of the YDS Board of Advisors, I listened intently as members of the board, composed of alumni and YDS friends, spoke passionately about YDS’s future.  It was evident that even those who did not study here recognize the important role that YDS plays in theological education and the church today.  They care deeply about YDS.

Third, the faculty and staff are passionate about YDS—and not only because it is their “job,” but, more importantly, because they truly understand YDS is making a difference in the world through the scholars, leaders and ministers it produces. The faculty and staff members care deeply.

When Yale University President Rick Levin addressed our combined boards in Marquand Chapel, he said, “A place like this needs devoted alumni and friends who give some time, give advice, give money, who show up and care.  I know that you all care intensely about this place.”  While he was addressing the board members present, I believe his words are true for everyone who has enjoyed the YDS experience.

So, YDS needs YOU to be engaged.  When there are opportunities to participate in surveys, please respond.  When you are asked to make nominations for alumni awards or for board/committee members, please nominate.  And, yes, when asked to give financially, please give.

We all care intensely about this place.

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Posted: 06/03/2011