Yale Divinity School presses forward on electronic communications

Lead photoThis week Yale Divinity School takes several steps toward implementation of a more robust electronic communications strategy, including introduction of a redesigned, more user-friendly home page.  Undergirding the redesign is adoption of a “content management system” that streamlines and automates many of the tasks involved in maintaining the YDS web site.  This week also marks the rollout of newly designed faculty pages and class notes pages, following on the heels of the launch of new YDS Facebook and Twitter pages.  >Go to story

Gene Outka retires, leaving legacy across four decades as teacher, mentor, and thinker
Gene Outka didn’t know it at the time, but his life’s work was set in motion one evening more than 50 years ago as a first-year YDS student.  One night in Taylor House, talking with a fellow student, he ventured the hope of some day setting aside a whole year to study the monumental theologian and churchman of early Christianity, St. Augustine.  His early encounter with the Bishop of Hippo turned out to be more than a student’s fond wish, and far more than a year in duration. Outka, Dwight Professor of Philosophy & Christian Ethics at YDS, retires June 30, leaving a legacy across four decades as a teacher, mentor and thinker of influence on Augustinian ideas of agape love. >Go to story

The challenge answered: Yale Divinity bests Harvard Divinity in Ultimate Frisbee
It was a bright morning in New Haven on Saturday, April  9, when an intrepid ragtag band of misfits from Yale Divinity School, cheered on by a crowd of well-wishers, bested their powerhouse rival from Harvard’s own Divinity School in a do-or-die game of Ultimate Frisbee.  >Go to story

Denys Turner: An Academic’s Journey in FaithFirst Column Story

“Jesus said once to his friends that they were not to call themselves ‘rabbis’, ‘teachers’, for they – we – have but one teacher, and he is our Father in heaven... I think of myself as falling under Jesus’ prohibition even when I am meant to be teaching theology, here in the Divinity School or downtown in the Religious Studies Department. Whether here or there I prefer to say that I don’t teach anything. I just try to remind people of things they already know.” Denys Turner, the Horace Tracy Pitkin Professor of Historical Theology, recently spoke about his “faith journey” in the academy. . >Go to story

Clock ticking on Summer Term May 15 registration deadline

Easter 2011: Providence and Promise

“Let Justice Roll”: James Forbes at Marquand Chapel

Graduating seniors gear up for class gift to Annual Fund

YDS poets Spencer Reece ’11 M.Div. and Nate Klug ’12 M.Div. at Berkeley Center

Eight Decades of Women celebration continues with spring issue of Reflections Magazine: “Women’s Journeys: Progress and Peril”

Andy Barnett ’12 M.Div. and Justin Haaheim ’10 M.A.R.: a message of forgiveness through music

YDS images: Easter Rejoicing, spring faculty dinner, and senior class reception


Scott Classen ’11 M.Div. embarks on yearlong, cross-country “carbon Sabbath” bike ride

Andrew Sorensen '62 B.D., '71 Ph.D., Advisory Board member, dies suddenly


Commencement 2011, May 21-23

The YDS senior class and its officers have announced decisions for preachers and celebrants at Commencement 2011, which takes place May 21-23.  The Commencement worship preacher for Sunday, May 22 at 4 pm is Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Emilie Townes.  The Commencement communion preacher on Monday, May 23, at 8 am is Professor of Liturgical Studies Bryan Spinks.  And the communion celebrants are Associate Dean of Student Affairs Dale Peterson and Nora Tubbs Tisdale, the Clement-Muehl Professor of Homiletics.  Commencement worship, Commencement communion, and YDS commencement exercises on Monday, May 23 at 12:30 pm all take place at Sterling Divinity Quadrangle.  The University commencement exercises involving all of the colleges and professional schools will take place at 10:30 am Monday, May 23, on the Old Campus. 

More Than a Monologue, Oct. 22
Yale Divinity School is among four educational institutions collaborating in the program More Than a Monologue:  Sexual Diversity and the Catholic Church.  Joining with YDS in a series of events on each campus in the fall are Union Theological Seminary and Fordham University in New York and Fairfield University in Connecticut. The event at YDS, scheduled for Oct. 22, will be on the topic Same-Sex Marriage and the Catholic Church: Voices from Law, Religion, and the Pews. >Go to story



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