September 10 YDS consultation: a contemporary, international, ecumenical interpretation of Jeremiah

The first of two consultations in connection with an international, ecumenical, contemporary interpretation of the Book of Jeremiah will be held at Yale Divinity School on Sept. 10, featuring a keynote address by Judith E. McKinlay of the University of Otago, New Zealand on the topic "Challenges and Opportunities for Feminist and Postcolonial Biblical Criticism.”

The consultation is the first of two scheduled as part of a dynamic project led by Associate Professor of Hebrew Scriptures Carolyn Sharp and Christl Maier, former associate professor at YDS now on the theological faculty at the University of Marburg in Germany.

Maier and SharpTheir project aims at generating a common hermeneutic for interpreting Jeremiah in a 21st-century postmodern, multi-religious environment.  As such, the project will integrate feminist, liberation-theological, and post-colonial approaches, as well as promote an ecumenical perspective that respects different Christian faith traditions.

Sharp and Maier are working to develop a concerted methodology of exegesis that honors both diachronic and synchronic methods — analyses of linguistic phenomena that, respectively, interpret over time or at a single point in time—to bridge the apparent gap between North American and German scholarship.

Both of the project consultations will include participation by experts in feminist and post-colonial studies.   The Sept. 10 consultation will be held in Niebuhr Hall at 4:00 p.m. The consultation is free and open to the public.

The initial three-year-phase of the project is jointly sponsored by Yale Divinity School and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation through its Transcoop Programme supporting transatlantic research cooperation among German and American scholars in the humanities, social sciences, economics, and law.