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Ahrens“God is ‘Still Speaking’ in Israel and Palestine. I pray that the Children of Abraham will listen to our Still Speaking God. As I leave this beautiful and beloved land, I pray that a tipping point of God's Holy and Beloved Ones will hear the voice of God crying for peace, reconciliation, forgiveness and love.” Tim Ahrens ’85 M.Div. Since early July 2010 Ahrens has written a blog for The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch chronicling his sabbatical journey through Spain, Israel, Palestine and Egypt, entitled "Walking in the Footsteps of Abraham.” Says Ahrens, “I have lived, worshipped, broken bread, and had long conversations about faith, politics, and peace with Muslims, Jews and Christians.”


“His combination of immediacy and wistfulness can lend his work a singular spiritual authenticity, at once contemporary and rooted in our oldest longings. Though meditation on the natural world often pushes his poems into explicitly religious idioms, Wright is never quite at home in these realms and is happiest to let his striking images speak for themselves.” Nate Klug ’13 M.Div. in a review of Charles Wright’s book Sestets: Poems, Christian Century, June 15, 2010


“In college I started to make the connection between my faith and living out my faith. What is my faith calling me to do to be an active citizen in this world, and to give back, and to carry out the teachings of Jesus?” LaToya Brown ’13 M.Div., in a feature about her journey from Chambersburg, PA to Yale Divinity School, Sojourners, September/October 2010.



"When people look at the Orthodox Church, it feels new to them, but when they start digging, they see it has old roots." David Mustian '78 M.Div., Sept. 11, 2010, Boulder (CO) Daily Camera, in the article “Deep roots in fresh soil: Orthodox Christianity comes to Erie.”


As those who read his front-page columns here on the Huffington Post know, he is the real deal, a man of intellect, and a man of action. He is also a man of humor, loyalty and kindness. William Bradley, Sept. 9, 2010, Huffington Post, commenting about Gary Hart '61 B.D., '64 LL.B., in a review of Hart’s recently released memoir, In The Thunder and the Sunshine: Four Seasons in a Burnished Life.


"He very much valued his students and thought everyone should learn how to be a critical thinker. Because if they learned to do that, it would enable them to solve other problems in their lives." Sue Eldridge, speaking about her husband, Michael Eldridge ’69 B.D., professor of philosophy at UNC Charlotte, who died Sept. 18, 2010, after a fall. Charlotte (NC) Observer, Sept. 20, 2010.


"It can't be denied that there is an anti-Muslim mood in the country. But there has also been an almost equally vigorous counter-reaction by those who reject Islamophobia and who have positioned themselves on the side of American Muslims." Joseph Cumming, director of the Reconciliation Program of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture. Süddeutsche Zeitung/Qantara, Sept. 30, 2010, in the article “Anti-Muslim Mood in the USA: Countering a Wave of Hate towards Islam”


"Part of my personal history as a priest is back during the Civil Rights Movement. I was one of the polarizers. I'm not proud of polarizing. I felt what I was doing was right at the time. I'm still resolute in my convictions. I was in Baltimore then, and did some work in that area and in Boston as well... I was a street priest. It was a thrilling time, a very ecumenical time." Don Nicholson ’64 Berkeley Divinity School, Sept. 30, 2010, The Island Sand Paper, Ft. Myers Beach, FL, in the article “St. Raphael’s Finds New Vicar.”


“I think in many people’s mind there is a confusion between what you have a right to do and what is the right thing to do. The Christian understanding of freedom … is not freedom to do whatever you want. It’s freedom to do what you think is the right thing to do. And that’s not quite the same thing.” Joseph Cumming, director of the Reconciliation Program of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, Sept 9, 2010, The National, commenting on the recent controversy over a Florida pastor’s threat to burn copies of the Quran.