Ferguson"I am honored to have the opportunity to continue to serve the presiding bishop and the Episcopal Church.  Given many of the changes we are facing in society, our ecumenical and interreligious engagement is of critical importance to the life of the church." Thomas Ferguson ’94 M.Div., June 23, 2010, Episcopal News Service, in the article “Thomas Ferguson named ecumenical and interreligious relations officer.” Ferguson served as associate deputy for ecumenical and interreligious relations since 2001 and as interim ecumenical officer following Bishop Christopher Epting's retirement at the end of 2009. Previously, Ferguson was a member of the Anglican-Orthodox Theological Dialogue. He has served as theological consultant for the Episcopal Church’s bilateral theological dialogues with the United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church (USA), Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church.



George Hunsinger ’88 Ph.D. has been awarded the 2010 Karl Barth Prize by the Union of Protestant Churches (UEK) in the Evangelical Church in Germany.  Hunsinger was a teaching fellow at YDS from 1972-76.  A statement from the Union says, "The UEK thanks and honors George Hunsinger for his exemplary theological thinking, for his political testimony and his ecclesial teaching in the sense of a truly 'generous orthodoxy', a world-oriented interpretation and practice of church dogmatics."


“I was once called the ‘foul-mouthed theologian.’ I got tired of it. There are certain words I know I cannot use. I’m much better for it.”  Stanley Hauerwas ’65 B.D.,’68 Ph.D., July 3, 2010, Ledger-Enquirer, Columbus, GA, in the story “Q&A: Stanley Hauerwas, theologian & author.”



"It amazed me that my colleagues who nominated me for this award believed that my ministry reflected a witness similar in even minimal ways to Bill's [former Yale University Chaplain William Sloane Coffin] ministry as a Christian, an American patriot, and as a pastor." Nancy Jo Kemper ’67 B.D.  "The scary student loans, the debt after graduation and all the hard work will be worth it. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to where you ought to be."  Lillian Daniel ’93 M.Div.  June 23, 2010, United Church News, in the article “Two UCC pastors receive Yale Divinity School awards.”



“My early acquaintance with sacred texts no doubt played a formative role in my discernment of a call to Episcopal priesthood. I discovered that it was in the liturgy first and foremost that the Word of God, though translated, finds a public voice, a place to become incarnate.”  Michael Cover ’08 M.Div., June 25, 2010, Notre Dame News, in the article “Student Spotlight: The Reverend Michael Cover.”


"Because of his stellar example as a model for Waterbury youth and because of his love of learning and his numerous successes for the good and advancement of Waterbury's citizens, I can think of no one more fitting than Jonathan Edwards Reed to be the first African-American for whom a public school in Waterbury is named.” Philip V. Benevento Jr., city historian, Waterbury, CT, June 22, in the Waterbury (CT) Republican, in reference to the late Jonathan E. Reed ’41 B.D., former pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Waterbury, in the article, “Waterbury residents want new school named for church pastor.”


“As a Christ follower, it seems that life sometimes includes taking risks, exploring uncharted avenues, and traveling to far-off places.  And even though I seek out and mostly enjoy all of these things, I occasionally have a longing (and even a need) to revisit familiar places and familiar people, and the things that have fundamentally shaped me as a human being made by God.  In these moments, I set aside my novel pursuits, sometimes for an hour and sometimes for several days, and I return home.”  Melissa Kurtz ’11 M.A.R., June 20, 2010, in Commongroundsonline, in the article “Returning Home to God.”


W. Joseph Mann ’72 M.Div., ’73 S.T.M., who coordinates ministry with United Methodists in North Carolina for Leadership Education at Duke Divinity School, has received the 2010 Elbert M. Conover Memorial Award by the Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art, and Architecture (IFRAA), a Knowledge Community of the American Institute of Architects.  June 17, 2010, Duke Divinity News, in the story “Rev. W. Joseph Mann Recognized for Contributions to Religious Architecture.”


“The end of apartheid gave black South Africans access to power.  That’s probably the most obvious change. But education is still very uneven and not totally free.” Jeffrey Nathaniel Leath ’76 B.A., ’79 M.Div., June 19, 2010, The Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA, in the article “Bishop discusses South African culture, struggles.”



"We see ourselves as being about making connections between people and God, connecting faith to life.  The Lord we serve washed the feet of his followers, and we're called to do the same. So we worship together to fill us up for the work God has for us.''  Karen Karpow ’04 M.Div., June 11, 2010, Danbury News-Times, in the article "Danbury United Methodist congregation celebrates 40 years in current home."



“People of faith are the last people standing with the power to inject spiritual realism into the financial conversation. They need to find their bearings again, fast. Otherwise, the soulless emerging paradigm of bullying hysteria and conquest will prevail.”  Ray Waddle, editor of Reflections magazine, writing in the Huffington Post, June 1, 2010, in the article, “Faith and Financial America’s Moral Compass.”



“It’s appalling and profoundly disturbing to me that health professionals have been involved in research . . . Most people in the public would say under the Obama administration torture has been abolished.  But that’s not the case. An executive order is not sufficient.”  Allie Perry ’80 M.Div., June 8, 2010, New Haven (CT) Register, in the article “Probe urged on Bush-era interrogation research.”



“I’m currently revising my dissertation, which explores the strategies that LDS women use to negotiate their identity as moral agents in a patriarchal church. I’m happy to discuss my teaching and/or research in greater detail in the comments if folks are interested. My next project will be a comparative look at Catholic women and others. I’m spending three months in Italy next spring for the initial research.”  Melissa Proctor ’01 M.A.R., June 6, 2010, a Q&A in Women in the Academy at juvenileinstructor.org.