Eunice S. P. Low 10 S.T.M. (New Testament)
M. Div. Trinity Theological College, Singapore 2008
B. Acc. National University of Singapore 1974

LowI leave YDS to embark on my teaching ministry in Trinity Theological College of Singapore (TTC).

After I graduated from TTC and began serving as a Presbyterian preacher, my alma mater invited me to be the New Testament faculty-in-development for the Chinese Department. I had to further equip myself by taking another master’s degree in New Testament, and YDS was the obvious choice. It turned out that YDS far exceeded my expectations.

In the New Testament classes, I sat with colleagues who were half my age but knew more Greek than I could ever learn. The academic brilliance of the professors, vibrant interaction with colleagues and challenging questions raised in class pushed the limits of my intellectual capacity, at the age of 57.   Each professor adopted a unique teaching style that I hope to incorporate into my teaching ministry. Having been brought up in an Asian educational environment where teachers often provided the answers, YDS has revolutionalized my thinking on the value of student participation in class.

Working on my thesis on New Testament exegesis was particularly challenging and gratifying. My adviser showed much patience in guiding me through methodological research, critical thinking, engaging textual studies and professional writing. I greatly appreciate her willingness in attending to my problems throughout my student journey.

At YDS, I discovered that spiritual transformation and theological enrichment are not mutually exclusive activities.  Gathering at Marquand chapel was to be received into the community and to praise God with one voice and listen to him as one body. Attending the Annand silent retreat was to discern the voice of God in the privacy of our personal contemplation. Through these spiritual exercises, I was assured of God’s favor upon my journey at YDS and his guidance in the future.

YDS has the interests of the international student at heart: the hospitality of the deans and faculty, the friendship of ISF (International Student Fellowship), the guidance of the writing skills tutor, and the comfort of the residents’ apartments have made me feel at home within the larger YDS community. Returning to Singapore, I will bring with me the warmth of friendship, the integrated learning experience, and the openness to intellectual and cultural interaction that I have been so richly endowed with at YDS.