Of Kindles, books, and the Annual Fund

It all started last year with the Yale Divinity Student Book Supply.  Manager Micah Luce ’07 M.A.R., ’08 S.T.M. wanted to encourage more of his fellow alumni to participate in annual giving to YDS, so he offered a fabulous incentive to one lucky donor: a diverse collection of recently published books by some of the Divinity School’s prolific faculty authors.  Dean Harry Attridge drew the name Bernice Cosey-Pulley ’55 B.D.from last year’s batch of Annual Fund donors.  Read all about last year’s bookstore giveaway here.

This year, the munificent members of the YDS Alumni Board Development Committee wanted to up the ante.  Like Micah, they too are deeply committed to keeping financial aid packages for students strong through the Annual Fund.  Inspired by the generosity of the YDS bookstore, and knowing how much YDS alumni love to read, they decided to chip in and offer something a little more modern than a book package: a Kindle™ Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation) from www.amazon.com.  The Development Committee is comprised of members Damon Bradley ’68 B.D., Chuck Wildman ’70 B.D., James Evans ’75 M.Div., Jeff Oak ’85 M.Div. ’86 S.T.M., Matt Banks ’01 M.A.R., Jerry Henry ’80 M.Div., chair, and Jessica Anschutz ’07 M.Div., chair of class agent.

Not to be outdone, Micah then put together another fantastic faculty book package giveaway:

  • Calvin by  Bruce Gordon (Yale University Press, 2009)  
  • The Religion and Science Debate: Why Does It  Continue? edited by Harold W.  Attridge (Yale University Press, 2009)  
  • Old Testament Prophets for Today by Carolyn J. Sharp (Westminster John Knox Press,  2009)  
  • We Have a Religion: The 1920’s Pueblo Indian Dance  Controversy and American Religious Freedom by Tisa Wenger (University of North Carolina Press,  2009)  
  • Common Worship in Theological  Education edited by Siobhán Garrigan  and Todd E. Johnson (Wipf and Stock, 2010)  
  • A Common Word: Muslims and Christians on Loving God  and Neighbor by Miroslav Volf, Ghazi  bin Muhammad, and Melissa Yarrington (William B Eerdmans Publishing Company,  2010)

So, what do we do with two incentive offers?  Pick two winners, of course!  Here’s the deal:

All alumni who contribute a gift of any size to the 2009-2010 YDS Annual Fund will be automatically entered into the 1st place drawing.  This includes donors who have already made a gift in the current fiscal year.  The 1st place winner can choose either the Kindle™ Wireless Reading Device or the faculty book package.
All alumni who make a gift in June 2010 will also be entered into a drawing for 2nd place.  The 2nd place winner will receive whichever prize is not selected by the 1st place winner.  For alumni who have already made a gift in the 2009-2010 fiscal year, thank you!  You are free to make an additional gift in June to be eligible for the second drawing.
Got it?  Remember, in order to be entered in the drawings, you must make your gift by June 30!  Thank you in advance.
Make a Gift!
Meanwhile, YDS staff members are engaged in a friendly wager about which prize the first-place winner will choose.  Carmen Germino ’07 M.Div., outgoing Director of Alumni Relations, predicted that the book package will be more popular:  “YDS grads have a deep, nostalgic love for the Student Book Supply.  Even in the 21st century, many alumni still prefer to grow their personal theological libraries with real books.”
Anna Ramirez ’93 M.Div., Associate Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid, had a different opinion:  “Oh, the Kindle will definitely be chosen first.  But I predict that Bruce Gordon’s Calvin will be the first electronic book that the winner downloads…well, after the Bible, of course.”  
Most of the other staff members polled also agreed that the Kindle would be the more popular prize.
To which bookstore manager Micah Luce responded, “I’ll even ask the faculty to sign the books this year.  You can’t autograph a Kindle.”