BDS inaugurates Rule of Life

On Wednesday evening, Oct. 21, Berkeley Divinity School formally inaugurated a Rule of Life for the whole BDS community. A work in progress for the last two years, the document has received input from students, alumni and trustees. Intended to give shape to the formational Anglican Studies program, the Rule is written in a narrative style with twelve chapters describing various aspects of the seminary's life.

At the inaugural service celebrating St. Luke's Day (the patronal festival of Berkeley's chapel), Bethany Davidson '10 M.Div. preached, invoking the example of her own grandfather who graduated from BDS in 1946. Part of a fellowship called the "St. Lukers," he stayed in touch each fall with classmates by letter for over 60 years. The creation of such close and long-lasting community, she said, is what is envisioned by the Rule.

Students were invited to sign a matriculation book indicating their commitment to the Rule. The book was resurrected from the BDS archives from its last use in 1932. Dean Joseph Britton noted, "This rule represents a real maturity in the Berkeley program, and is a sign of the depth of our commitment to raising up new and lay leaders for the church." The Rule will be available on the BDS website: www.