Berkeley Divinity School to Inaugurate Rule of Life

During the celebration of St. Luke's Day on Wednesday, Oct. 21, Berkeley Divinity School will inaugurate its new Rule of Life. This document has been in development for two years, with input from students, alumni and trustees. Dean Joseph Britton commented, "In an environment as complex as Berkeley and Yale Divinity Schools, we realized that a commonly shared rule that could give shape to our academic, spiritual and community life would greatly enhance the overall formation of our students for ministry."

Written in twelve narrative chapters, the rule describes such commitments as corporate prayer, daily Eucharist, academic rigor, intellectual breadth, leadership development, and mission and service. The text of the rule will be made available on the BDS website, as well as a printed version to be sent to BDS's constituencies and leaders around the church. Not intended solely for current student and faculty, the rule can also draw alumni into the patterns of life that have historically shaped the school's reach "into the regions beyond."