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YDS launches redesigned internet home page

New Home PageYale Divinity School launched a new home page on its web site on Sept. 9 and over the course of the following months will undertake a complete redesign of interior web pages.  Meanwhile, changes are also in the offing for Spectrum and Notes from the Quad, print and online versions, respectively, of the YDS alumni magazine.

The redesigned home page will have a much cleaner look and will be easier to navigate—changes that will be carried over into the interior pages, beginning with some of our most important sections of the web site, such as the pages for prospective students.

The redesign process is under the direction of Campbell Harmon ’04 M.A.R., YDS web coordinator.  In recasting the home page, Harmon worked closely with a special advisory committee of YDS administrators and faculty who met regularly in May and June to review changes and make recommendations.  Primary goals were to ensure that the page be attractive, easy to read and navigate, and contain links to important interior pages.

In conjunction with the web upgrade, we are also redesigning Notes from the Quad, our monthly online journal for alumni. The newly redesigned Notes is scheduled to debut in October.  An abbreviated email version of Notes from the Quad is sent electronically to all alumni for whom current email addresses are on file with Yale.  Readers can then access the full Notes from the Quad on the YDS home page, simply by following embedded links in the email version.

As a cost-saving measure, YDS will be reducing the number of pages in Spectrum, which is published every January as a “year in review.”  Content that would previously have appeared in Spectrum, however, will not be lost, as that material will simply be shifted online.  As a practical matter, this will likely result in more total content since the web has virtually limitless space.

The practice of shifting material from print to web has already been implemented successfully for the Class Notes section of Spectrum.  As a result of an aggressive, pro-active effort in the past several years to collect news from alumni, the number of Spectrum pages devoted to Class Notes increased from four in 2006 to a whopping 35 in 2009.  Even so, there was not room for everything, and so a special online section of Class Notes was created. [Click here to go to Class Notes site.]

In September, all alumni will be receiving a letter from Dean Harold Attridge that will have a survey attached.  Among other things, that survey will play an important role as we move forward in our communications efforts, and all alumni are encouraged to spend a few minutes online filling it out (or mailing it in, for those without internet access)— especially the portion requesting up-to-date email addresses, which are critical to our efforts at staying connected with alumni.

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